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6 Responses to “What is the best ways to help first years get used to living on campus?”

  1. Kiana Murden

    I believe community events and RAs are the best ways to get used to living on campus. If students are overwhelmed with living away from home with new people, the community events will give them the opportunity to bond with their roommates and hall/suitemates. RAs can be such a positive influence by offering advice and fostering a fun, supportive environment that makes first years feel comfortable in their new surroundings.

  2. Amber

    Honestly, the best thing to do is to make friends in the suite and your hall. You will be surprised at how close you become with these just after a short amount of time. You really helps you feel at home and love being in your dorm. It creates a comfortable environment that you can live in, similar to home!

  3. Nikaya Smith

    Get to know your roommate and suitemate! It will be very difficult to adjust if you have a poor relationship with them. Always tell them FACE TO FACE if there is an issue. Your RA is also there for guidance, and they work very hard to make sure everyone gets acclimated to the school.
    Also, don’t go home every weekend. You are not getting a full college experience if your parents are picking you up on Friday nights. College is a time for new experiences.

  4. Julie

    Be outgoing and meet as many people as you can! Soon they will become your family and your dorm will be your home away from home.

  5. Brianna Bauchle

    Be outgoing and don’t be afraid to ask questions of upper classmen!

  6. Anonymous

    I would say to get to know the people on your hall or in your suite. I had a lot of fun freshman year just going from room to room hanging out with people!


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