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5 Responses to “What is the best room on campus?”

  1. Jade Loendorf

    I think that a Morrison Super suite is cool, but what about one of the singles on North Campus. Would those be equally as good?

    • Jack Smith

      It depends on what you value in a residence hall. The North campus singles are more classically designed, but they do not have a common room like a Morrison super-suite.

  2. Ashlyn Rhodes

    I would have to say Morrison as well. It is in a great location, just steps away from the dining hall, gym, bus stop, and the SASB buildings. The rooms have 2 dressers AND two wardrobes/closets, so plenty of space to put clothes! This is an ideal dorm, especially for sophomores.

  3. Julie

    Morrison Super Suite! :)

  4. Jessica Stickel

    A room in Morrison is definitely the best. You’re really close to Rams and there’s a bus stop outside, plus you get the chance to be in a supersuite.


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