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5 Responses to “What is the best community for sophomores?”

  1. Bill Bourret

    Morrison has a LOT of sophomores, and it’s a really vibrant community. Barring that, look at mid-campus (Carmichael, Parker, Teague, Avery). A lot of first years tend to move to mid-campus for their second year to cut down on the walk time.

  2. Julie

    Either Morrison Community or Parker Community!

  3. Richa Patel

    I think Parker community is a great community for sophomores. Majority of the residents are sophomores, its a good location in terms of going to classes and attending sporting events, and the rooms are pretty nice!

  4. Tope Elutilo

    The best community from my experience as a past sophomore was definitely Morrison. Everyone is great there because everyone else was pretty much also a sophomore and it is great being surrounded by people like you.

  5. Sanjana Bhat

    I think I would be biased when I say this, but I would say that Morrison is the best community for sophomores. I stayed there my sophomore year (am a junior now) and thought it was a great transition from all the way down south around Hojo to a place still on south campus, but is closer and relatively better located. I thought what made it the best for me was that there are so many other sophomores who live in Morrison also so you get to keep getting to know others your age while being able to stay in an on-campus dorm. I would especially recommend it if you like suite-style dorms and go to the dining hall often.


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