5 thoughts on “What are the up-sides of living in hall-style residence halls?”

  1. I think living in a hall style dorm gives you more of an opportunity to meet more students. There is a lot more activity going on and you are not just limited to the amount of people in one suite.

  2. You can meet people really easily in the bathrooms and there’s a big sense of community. It’s better than suite style because you get to know your whole hall instead of just your suite.

  3. There are quite a few pros to living in hall-style. For one, it is very easy to meet people in your hall (not limited to the 8 people of your suite as are most south campus dorms). Hall-style dorms often have really nice communal study lounges where you can meet even more people from your building. Some dorms have large study lounges and then smaller, more private rooms as well, giving you a variety of options. Hall bathrooms are excellent- clean (cleaned by someone else!), plenty of showers, great hot water and good shower pressure! I’ve loved hall style and really suggest it! 🙂

  4. I think one of the major up-sides to hall-style dorms is the sense of community that you build over the year! I spent my first two years in hall-style dorms and I’m still friends with the people who lived in my hall. It’s very easy to meet people when you’re living in a hall as opposed to a suite.

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