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2 Responses to “What are the disadvantages and advantages to living in an on-campus apartment?”

  1. Ashlyn Rhodes

    Living in an on-campus apartment has many advantages. Of course apartments have kitchens, so you are able to cook and don’t necessarily have to get a meal plan. You get more privacy than in a dorm as well. On-campus apartments also have the advantage of being close in proximity to main campus. Off-campus apartments are further away and may require you to take a bus. One disadvantage is that it may not be as close to main campus as some dorms. North campus dorms are steps away from the Pit and Polk Place. This is not the case with on-campus apartments.

  2. Julie

    You can make your own meals which saves money! Additionally, your bedroom is YOUR BEDROOM not a bedroom/hangout/study space/everything else that your bedroom is when you live in a suite/hall.


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