3 thoughts on “What are the benefits to living on mid-campus as opposed to north campus? Also, which of the two offers a more sophomore-oriented environment?”

  1. The advantage to living on mid-campus instead of north campus is that you can have the perks of south campus and north campus. For instance, you’re still close to the Dean Dome, Football stadium, and Rams dining hall while still being close to Lenoir and all your classes. Another perk of mid-campus is that most of those dorm rooms are pretty large in comparison to north campus dorms. Not only that, but you can live with your friends in an 8 person suite and share a bathroom, but on north campus you would have hall style and may not be as close to all your friends. As for the sophomore environment you would probably find more sophomores on mid campus; however, there will be plenty on north campus as well, so either way it will be a great experience.

  2. I’m a sophomore and I’m living in Carmichael this year, which is mid-campus. I love it because it’s incredibly close to all my classes and it’s directly across from the football stadium.

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