Introducing CaroLaundry

Hold a machine, sign up for text alerts…even nudge the last user!

In partnership with the UNC OneCard Office, we are thrilled to introduce CaroLaundry — a host of super-convenient laundry features for campus residents that will have recent graduates enviously exclaiming, “Hey, wait! They didn’t have that when I was at UNC!”

Photo of residents using CaroLaundry service
Residents reserve machines with CaroLaundry!

Beginning in August of 2013, residents will be able to see which washing machines and dryers are available in any laundry room on campus, put a five-minute hold on a machine, receive email/text notifications that a laundry cycle is done and notify the last user that their clothes are ready — all from a mobile-friendly website.

How does CaroLaundry work?

When you swipe your UNC OneCard in a residence hall laundry room, the card reader connects your UNC OneCard contact information with the washing machine or dryer you’re using, making the following time-saving features possible:


  • Get a text message or email alert when your laundry cycle is done.
  • View which machines are in use for any laundry room on campus.
  • Get an estimate of expected wait time for each machine in use.
  • Put a five-minute hold on an available machine, giving you time to get to the laundry room.
  • Send a reminder to tell someone else their laundry cycle is done.
Photo of residents using CaroLaundry service
If you find clothes abandoned in a washer, you can send an alert to their owner.

How do you set up CaroLaundry text/email alerts?

By default, CaroLaundry is set to automatically send notifications to your UNC email address. Alternatively, you can add your mobile phone number to get text messages.*

You can only select one notification method — either email or text message. You can also disable notifications altogether if that’s your preference.

To make changes to your notification preferences, visit (Firefox is the preferred browser for campus applications) and click Notification Preferences in the left menu. To add your mobile number for text alerts, click on the Add button and follow the instructions. You’ll be prompted to enter your 10-digit phone number, request a Confirmation Code and enter the Code to complete the process.

*To receive text alerts, a mobile carrier is required, and standard text messaging rates apply.

How do you tell someone else their clothes are done?

Once you’ve logged into CaroLaundry, just click on Room Status in the left menu and scroll down to see the list of machines; find the machine you want to use and click the button labeled Notify Last User.

Believe us, if you’ve ever trekked several floors down to the laundry room, only to see machine after machine full of clothes that are finished and nobody in sight to take the clothes out…or, worse, you’ve had your clothes removed by an impatient laundry-doer, you will know the value of this feature!

So, go ahead, spread the word about CaroLaundry…but be prepared to hear some people say, “You don’t know how easy you have it!”


Visit CaroLaundry now:

7 thoughts on “Introducing CaroLaundry”

  1. Its sounds great-except it doesn’t work at all. unless that is “hold” means it is only held if other people look on carolaundry and are nice enough not to take the machine for 5 mins. If you hold a machine it should somehow say held in the actual room or or least not be able to be started by anyone else’s one card. Also, I can never get notifications of when my laundry is done because it sends me completion notices for the wrong machines.

    1. Hi Becky,
      I just submitted your feedback to the OneCard Office, thank you for letting us know where the glitches are in this new system!
      Jill Powell, UNC Housing Marketing Manager

    1. We’re troubleshooting with UNC ITS right now, but you may have luck if you try using Firefox. Firefox is the recommended browser for all campus applications (except finance apps which work best in IE).

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