What are you secretly nervous about for move-in?

You’re just about to move to Carolina–what are you secretly worried about?


Be it a random roommate, sharing a bathroom with your whole suite, or what in the world you’re going to do once you get here, everyone is nervous about something. Share your story and be entered to win in our LAST contest of the summer!

You can share anonymously by putting an alias in the name box when you comment, but remember to put your correct email so we can contact you if you’re our lucky winner!

To be entered into the random prize drawing, the deadline to post a comment is August 11, 2013 at 11:59 pm.

This week’s prize is a silver mirror, a red BaByliss mini blow dryer and a Carolina blue bath towel and hand towel.

91 thoughts on “What are you secretly nervous about for move-in?”

  1. I’m terrified that all of my best friends will end up really far away on campus. We’re all going for the same buildings, but you never know how it’s going to work out. You can make efforts to stay close, and you can always use the opportunity to meet new people, but it’s not the same as living close to the people you love.

  2. Nervous about figuring out how to place everything in the room and which way is the best to set things up. New room means new decorations, new placements, too much to think about. And what if my roommate realizes how crazy I am and be scared forever.

  3. I’m nervous that my roommate will be exactly who she says she ISN’T! There have been plenty of people catfished and I DO NOT want to be one of them! Also, forgetting something really important at home, that would not be good.

  4. The only thing that made me nervous about moving in was that I move in early for Marching Band and there are barely any other people around- talk about creepy! It doesn’t end up being that scary though, and it’s a good way to meet random people you have things in common with, as you are the only ones in your dorm!

  5. I was very nervous when I moved in my first year. But I already knew my roommate coming into college. We weren’t close back then but it worked out so well! Now we are so close and it makes everything so much better. Move-in days are always a little stressful but once you get all of your stuff in and get settled into your new room it’s an amazing feeling!

  6. I’m nervous that my roomie will use and ramshackle through all of my belongings while I’m gone from visiting home, which I plan on doing very often. I’ve always had my own room my entire life so I hope I can adjust living with another FEMALE (girls can get really catty, meow!). I’m also pretty nervous about the reputation I will build this fall, so let’s hope I don’t do anything stupid!

  7. Well, I guess I’m pretty nervous about being 8 hours away from home! Also, I have no idea how I’m going to get around – I have an awful sense of direction…going to classes on the first day will be hard. Hopefully I’ll find someone that can help me find my way!

  8. As a master procrastinator, I’m nervous about time management. I’ll basically have to relearn how to study because doing it last minute most likely won’t give me the grades I’m used to. Hopefully I’ll pick it up quickly!

  9. I’m nervous that our hall won’t become friends. Last year, I didn’t even know some of the people on my hall, we would just awkwardly glance at one another when our paths crossed. I really want this year to be different! So, my suitemates and I are going to plan a potluck party to get the hall together so we can meet all the awesome people we get to live with!

  10. I’m worried about not having space to myself. I value my alone time. I think it’s important part of life and maintaining my wellness. Having a roommate and sharing such a close space is may not allow for that. I just spot I can find a place on campus to allow for this me time.

  11. Honestly, while I’m really excited to move in and go to Carolina, I’m also really freaked out. I’m worried about sharing a bathroom with 20+ people and working for the first time. I’m nervous about making new friends, and I’m worried about being completely on my own. I hope I can manage all of the madness.

  12. I’m nervous that I’ll get to school and I’ll have forgotten something vital. I’m nervous that the textbooks I’ve ordered will be wrong or get here too late. I’m nervous that I will push anyone new away for the first bit of school because I’ll be too wrapped up in trying to get all of my own problems figured out. I’m nervous that I’m going to have to prove myself to people for the first few months, and I’ll somehow fail at doing that and living up to people’s standards.

  13. I can’t honestly sing Lil Wayne’s “I ain’t got no worries” when it comes to college! I am secretly nervous about finding someone/somewhere to sit in the dining hall, making good grades, finding a job, and fitting enough community service into my schedule by January for a scholarship I received.

  14. I’ll be moving into my dorm room with one of my friends from highschool. I’m nervous about whether or not living together will test our friendship. xD I’m also worried about sharing a restroom with two other people which needs to be cleaned by ourselves! Yikes, cleaning duty! I hope we can share the responsibilities!

  15. I’m nervous about the class load, making friends and all the typical things but on top of that…
    my roommate has always achieved more than me in high school. I’m afraid she’s going to think I’m an idiot or look down on me. Also I’m afraid shes gonna think I’m weird because I like to sing to myself and pop my pimples for like 20 minutes.

  16. My roommate is one of my friends from high school, and although I’m not nervous about our relationship turning sour, I’m worried she’ll have a much easier time making friends and I’ll end up feeling like I’m mooching off her new friendships.

  17. I am nervous about my roommate. I’ve been talking with my roommate and we get along just fine over text, but I’m still a little worried. While that is a very cliche thing to be worried about, I have a few weird habits. Also, I’m worried about not knowing where things are and missing some unseen deadline. Carolina is a big campus and I get lost fairly easily. I don’t want to be THAT first-year.

  18. I’m nervous about meeting my roommate. I previously stayed at Granville Towers and my roommate was horrible and hogged the bathroom every chance she had! This time I’m hoping to be really good friends with my roommate!

  19. I am nervous about moving in with the issues concerning sharing a bathroom with seven other people and if I might become a nuisance to my roommate. I use different methods of studying for different subjects respectively that might annoy my roommate. I also have the habit of being too abstract in my organizing process, which may confuse my roommate and cause him to be unintentionally the focus of my anger if there is a change in the location of some of the objects I organize to be. I also plan to create a small art studio in my shared room but I am worried if might be a problem for my roommate.

  20. I am nervous that I won’t make friends that easily. I went to the same private school since I was four, and it is going to be a big adjustment not going back to the same people.

  21. I’m nervous about meeting my roommate. I’ve always known who I’d be living with, but this time I’ve got a random roommate. Hopefully things will work out!

  22. I am nervous how I’m going to set up my side of the dorm. I want to personalize it and set it up so I can not get distracted from my roommate during my studies.

  23. I’m worried that the fact that I’m an eternal mumbler, plus the fact that I’m an exchange student coming from the UK, will mean that no one will understand me for at least the first few weeks!

  24. Okay, I’m not ~terribly~ nervous. Let’s be real, I just wanted an excuse to use a LOTR-related pseudonym…

    I’m nervous that my roommate is going to get annoyed with me over time because of my weird sleeping habits. Also, I’m pretty sure that I’m going to get lost on campus at least once. And I feel like our suite is probably going to have at least one bathroom fiasco: a clogged drain or a lack of toilet paper or something along those lines. So I’m not really looking forward to that.

    Fingers crossed that this all works out, hahaha -___-

  25. I’m secretly deeply afraid of not being able to write papers or manage my time when so much of the coursework is self study. As long as I rock first semester though, I’ll probably feel better.

  26. I’m secretly afraid of living in a dorm with seven other guys, and that we might not all get along. I have a ton of guy friends at home, but I’m worried that me being gay will weird some of these new people out. I don’t plan on sharing it with them all upfront, but I also don’t want to feel like I have to hide it. Also – I really don’t want to win this stuff, I just thought it was an interesting thread!

  27. I’m nervous about living with my friend. I hope that our friendship will grow stronger because of this experience. I’m also nervous about living on north campus. I hope that I can make friends easily.

  28. I’m extremely nervous that I won’t like living with my roommate again. Life together got pretty tense at the end of last school year and I fear that we will end up hating one another. Hopefully being apart all summer will have smoothed out any problems.

  29. I am nervous about sharing a room with someone for the first time! In particular about getting a good night’s rest as I like to sleep early and my roommate may not.

  30. I am the most nervous about figuring out how to decorate my room! I’m trying to decide whether to loft my bed or not. Also, I am nervous I won’t have enough room in my closet to put all my clothes!!

  31. I’m nervous about whether my roommate and I will get along well. I hope that we will end up being friends and want to hang out with our suitemates too!

  32. I’m nervous about time management- finding the time to work and exercise and have a social life… all while making sure I spend enough time studying and keeping my grades up!

  33. It will be the very first time of my time to live in a dorm. Two major things that secretly worry me the most would be running out of food and/or money.

  34. I am most nervous about rooming with my friend. I have always heard it is never a good idea to live with a friend because you will see them inside and outside of your room; thus, your friend will more easily aggravate you than usual. But at the same time, I was worried about living with a random roommate in fear of serious incompatibilities. Nevertheless, having a random roommate would increase the number of people that I know at the university. Ultimately, there are both pros and cons to my decision, and I hope living with my friend allows our friendship to grow stronger and not weaker.

  35. I’m nervous about my neighbors and being in a new dorm. Hopefully it won’t be too loud and hopefully my neighbors will be quiet and friendly! 🙂 And hopefully having a larger shared bathroom this year will be okay too!

  36. Last year (as a first year), I was most nervous about losing my privacy, as I’m the kind of person that needs plenty of her own space. This year, as a sophomore, I have my own apartment, so I’ll have plenty of space! 🙂 The only thing to worry about now is whether or not I have enough stuff to fill my apartment!

  37. ME: Long have I pined to leave for college,
    where there I will no longer in intellectual bondage.
    However, I am deathly nervous that I am the least fair of all.
    So, magic mirror on thy wall,
    Oh please tell me how to be thy fairest of them all?

    MAGIC MIRROR: Your lips are as red as rose, hair black as ebony, and skin white as snow. Yet to be fairest of them all, you must procure: a Carolina blue bath and hand towel to dry your lovely white skin after a bath, a red BaByliss mini blow dryer to dry your luscious black hair, and a silver mirror to remind you that you are more beauteous than you believe yourself to be. You will meet a hunky huntsman to give you these gifts.

    ME: Magic mirror, your words are far too gracious!
    And to my one and only hunky huntsman, I cannot wait to meet you!

  38. I’m nervous about making good grades. I graduated with the high honors from my previous institution, but as everyone says you don’t make same grades. That’s why I’m little nervous.

  39. I’m super nervous about finding a club/organization I like. There are a million different organizations at Carolina that are all so appealing and interesting to me so choosing just one or a few to stick with makes me anxious! And then fitting my extracurricular activities in with education time.

  40. I’m nervous for being that person who ends up forgetting the most basic things needed for living away from home and having to go out to get a new one/borrow stuff. I’m also nervous I’ll end up misbalancing my time and putting a lot more time in the fun part of college over studying academics.

  41. I’m nervous that my roommate and I will end up hating each other, since we’ve been best friends since third grade. I’ve heard a lot of people say it’s bad to room with someone you’re really close with so I hope we can prove them wrong.

  42. I’m nervous about making sure I have everything I need in my dorm before my parents leave. I don’t have a car so I can’t just load up at the grocery store or Wal-Mart whenever I need to.

  43. I am nervous about time management. There are so many opportunities and so much to do at UNC. I am worried about how to manage doing those things, working and passing my classes.

  44. I’m pretty nervous about sharing the bathroom with so many girls. I’m definitely not used to that. I’m also nervous about meeting new people but I hope to make many new friends! 🙂

  45. I am anxious to see what being a member of the NROTC unit at Carolina will be like. My high school didn’t have a JROTC unit and I have next to no military background myself so this will be an entirely new experience for me. I am not all that concerned about the physical aspect as much as I am concerned about how I will handle the pressure of having to execute with an officer screaming in my face.

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