What are you doing this summer?

This week's prize is a grey boyfriend pillow, a purple lamp, and a digital alarm clock.
This week’s prize is a grey boyfriend pillow, a purple lamp, and a digital alarm clock.


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During these precious summer days before coming (back) to Carolina, what are you up to? Share a brief story about your summer travels, service projects, jobs, internships, activities or whatever else you are doing between now and move-in weekend.

To be entered into the random prize drawing, the deadline to post a comment is June 30, 2013 at 11:59 pm.

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131 thoughts on “What are you doing this summer?”

  1. I’m going to UNC this week for Orientation! Then I’m headed off to Italy for two weeks before school starts. I could not be more excited! πŸ™‚

  2. Hey everyone! My name is Niju and I will be living in Koury Hall next year:) This summer I have actively been trying to make time for my friends and family, espically those that I will have limited time for in the coming years. So going down to Alabama to visit my grandma and some old friends was of the upmost importance to me. In Alabama, I met up with a few of my friends, and we played Just Dance just like old times. Although this story is rather cheesy, it signifies that even as times change and people have to adjust accordingly, it’s never too late to just dance and have a good time with the people you love.

  3. Spending a terrific summer working for Apple Inc. and UNC Student Union- all the while investing in Chapel Hill in a new way as I learn what it means to spend a summer here. Also enjoying the summer reading book and looking forward to helping lead a conversation in the fall!

  4. This summer I’ve been hanging out with friends, swimming, watching movies, and just having a chill time. Not to mention the graduation party hopping every weekend. In addition, I’m getting ready to be a college freshman! This summer is hands down, the best.

  5. This summer, I’m spending a month and a half in my homeland of Colombia! I am staying in Medellin, the country’s second largest city. My family owns cattle-ranching farms in a small town called Puerto Berrio, and I will be spending a considerable amount of time there. I’ve just returned from a trip to the coast, where we spent a week in a cabana enjoying the summer sun and calm Caribbean water. I’ll be visiting lots of friends and family and exploring more and more of my country throughout the summer before I head home to Raleigh!

  6. This summer, i was able to work in Jamaica through orphanages, building projects, and community outreach, as well as being a counselor at Victory Mountain Camp.

  7. I’m living in Maui, Hawaii and teaching art camp to young children. I love getting to witness God’s beauty everyday on these islands, but I really cannot wait to get back home to UNC!

  8. I am wrapping up my final foreign language class and pre-reading an organic chem book for this fall. I am also helping out at my current college’s summer camps for some money.

  9. This summer my brother got married to a beautiful Japanese woman. They got married at the United Nation Church – this was symbolic because through their marriage they united a Ghanaian and a Japanese family. By becoming one through marriage they brought together two very rich cultures and two families that really like to have a great time.

  10. I have been enjoying my summer; spending it with Family and friends. I have also been working and getting my licence soon (finally!). For the most part I have been eagerly awaiting my first semester at Carolina and trying to get as much free time as I can before it’s all gone.

  11. Well, everyone’s talking about the amazing places they will be going and incredible things they will be doing…I will be spending time with my family, relaxing, and feeling excited for all the smart and incredible students and faculty I will meet at Carolina!

  12. This summer I am working as a lifeguard and assistant coach for our summer league swim team where I work with about 30 kids ages 8 and under. I am also spending my summer getting in shape since I want to swim on the club team at UNC!

  13. Well, I am actually spending my summer in the winter in the lovely Mar del Plata, Argentina.
    After what seemed like an eternity of traveling, I finally arrived here on June 17 and moved in with my host family. You see, I am an exchange student here for a month.
    I have already learned so much in just the past ten days. I have learned that Spanish here is very different from what I have been taught in my mere four years of learning it in high school. I have learned more about the country’s history and its current president. I have learned to love alfajores and dulce de leche. I have learned to greet others with a kiss on the right cheek. I have learned to become more independent before I enter UNC as a freshman this fall. I have learned the lyrics to David Bisbal’s “Hasta al Final.” Most importantly, I have learned what it means to really live and love life.

  14. I’m living in “Little Istanbul,” a city quarter in Traun, Austria comprised of Turks, Arabs, Iranians, Kurds, and three white guys (an Austrian man, my German friend, and my slightly-tanned American self). Why come to Austria if not for vacation? I’ve spent the past year doing volunteer social work in Europe and am currently working with a ground-up initiative to help integrate these oft-neglected peoples into Austrian culture and society. Our group accomplishes this by providing after-school tutoring for refugee children in the Austrian city with the highest percentage of immigrants. The work also allows us to build bridges to the parents (who have little to no social contacts due to poor language skills) of the kids (who usually speak quite a bit of German). During my nearly 5 weeks in Traun, I’ve made friends with some pretty tough (or, in the case of the 6 year-olds, wannabe tough) inner-city Turks and Arabs, playing soccer, doing long-division, and repairing bicycles. I’ll be back in the States just in time for UNC’s final orientation session!

  15. This summer I’ll be catching up on TV shows and reading… other than that, I hope to spend a little more time with my friends before we all start our college experience! πŸ™‚

    (Also, off topic – I’m loving how there are exclamation marks in everyone’s comments. Exciting summers for everyone, I see!)

  16. I’m spending lots of quality time with my family and friends, getting to do some artwork with my free time, and enjoying my summer as I wait to join the rest of the Heels this fall.

  17. I’m watching every episode of The office, chauffeuring my brother around, going to the beach a few times, and sleeping late every day to get all of the laziness out of my system before August 18th hits me.

  18. This summer I have studied abroad in Israel on an archaeological excavation. The project uncovered spectacular mosaics paving the floor of an ancient synagogue. I’m also working on grant writing and scholarship applications for future endeavors in archaeology. Additionally, I am beginning work as the National Communications Coordinator for the Residence Hall Association at UNC !

  19. Volunteering at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for a month, shadowing various nurses, and spending four weeks working at and attending summer camp!

  20. I’m attempting to increase my finger strength and finger stretch to reach four frets in my quest to play the guitar as well as spending three weeks with my relatives before I start preparing for my first year as a Tar Heel!

  21. I am going to Honduras to see Mayan Ruins and go hiking. Then I will be taking a road trip to Miami, Florida to visit South Beach. Finally, I will finish off the summer by going to UNC orientation!

  22. For my summer I’ll be traveling to the 49th U.S. state that I’ve been to (Hawai’i), doing a three-week Outward Bound backpacking trip in the Sierras, and enjoying the few days I have left before I head off to college!

  23. I went on a mission trip to Virginia Beach, spent a week at the beach, worked like a dog at The Fox and Hound restaurant, and prepared for college!

  24. This summer, I am relaxing, reading, and enjoying the sun. I am spending time outdoors in the Appalachian Mts, I am learning to play the guitar, and I am impatiently waiting to become a Tarheel!!

  25. I’ve been spending most of my time learning to sight read and learning perfect pitch. I’ve also been doing a second cycle of p90x. Free time is the perfect time to improve oneself.

  26. I spent several weeks at the beach, attended a few UNC classes, and was accepted to my Living-Learning Community of choice, the Spanish House! I am currently training for Cross Country and assisting others in my community in maintaining an active lifestyle. I look forward to orientation in July! I am beyond excited to be a TARHEEL!

  27. I’m going to Europe for three weeks. I’ll be spending time in Germany, Austria, France, and Italy! I can’t wait to visit these cultures and expand my knowledge of the world, as well as practice my German and French language skills!

  28. I’m going to Lake Gaston in late July with 7 other kids my age (or around there) and I’m also in the process of starting to volunteer for the Wake County SPCA for the summer!

  29. I’m on the last week of my gap year, finishing my work for the Foundation for Democratic Youth in Budapest before flying back to New York for the 4th.

  30. I’m working on finding a job (which, admittedly, this late in the summer, will be hard to find) or at least some form of paying work. Also, my mom is getting married to a guy who I’ll be proud to call my step-dad.

  31. I’m keeping busy with my job, hanging out with friends, going to the pool, getting ready for college and cleaning out the house! Me and my sister have been doing a major clean-up around our house, and we recently had a yard sale! Made some money and we’re ready to save some of it and use the rest for our week-long beach trip!! (:

  32. I am traveling to Florida on an FBI National Academy conference trip! My father went to the academy and he’s the secretary for North Carolina, so any administrative members get to travel with their families to a location and there are always great stuff planned! Like last summer, we went to Texas and they rented out the Dallas Cowboys stadium and we toured the locker room and had dinner on the field! Two weeks from now I’m traveling to Ayden, NC to build a camp called The Refuge that does ministry to inmates, those with disabilities, and the children/teens of inner city Kinston! I’m super excited!

  33. I went to CTOPS on the third and the fourth of June, and then I departed for Lebanon on the 13th. I’m here until July 24th, celebrating engagements and new additions to the family (month old triplets that I’m fairly certain never sleep). It’s certainly been interesting so far with some of the craziness going on in Saida and Trablous (Tripoli). Finally, when I get back to the States, I’m going to relax until Carolina Kickoff.

    Woo, summer!

  34. I’m going to Sunset Beach for a long weekend, Hilton Head for another long weekend, then Edisto Beach for a whole week! And of course I’m coming to orientation too.

  35. I’m practicing for and competing in a national marksmanship that takes place in Raton, New Mexico this year. My varsity high school team and I are defending our 2012 championship status!

  36. I have kick started my college career the right way by establishing relationships and boosting my G.P.A. over the summer at Summer Bridge. I have also joined several on-campus organizations, recreational tennis, and a Living Learning Community.

  37. I’m going to Ohio for a week to compete at Summer Nationals in fencing as well as representing the United States in the 19th Maccabiah Games which will be held in Israel for 3 weeks.

  38. This summer, I am taking classes through the Summer Bridge program for six weeks. This is my second week here and everything’s been great so far. Hopefully I’ll be seeing all of you soon when fall semester starts πŸ˜‰

  39. Hopefully I’ll be going to Florida next month, but for now I’m in the Bridge program taking classes and getting to know this huge campus.

  40. I’m an RCC in Taylor (Ram 4) and taking summer classes. I’ts been a fun summer here at UNC but weird not seeing the normal amount of people on campus. I’m managing to squeeze time in to go home and visit my family :]

  41. I am doing an internship with the ACC Sports Journal, specifically with David Glenn. I sit in on his sports show from 12-3 every weekday and am learning a lot about sports radio broadcasting. I even do a little bit of writing and research for his show, so y’all should all listen in!

  42. My summer began in April when I went to a Phi Theta Kappa conference in California with the advisor and president of our chapter. After being jetlagged for a few days, I went to Carowinds with my class to experience physics. I went to the beach with my friends for our graduation present. Preparing a costume and wrapping a present for a Supernatural themed birthday party that one of my friends are having is a blast. I am helping my cousin prepare for her SAT as well as spending as much time with family and friends before classes start.

  43. I’m doing a 6 week solo trip around Western Europe, visiting Dublin, Barcelona, Rome, Berlin, the surf capital of the world in Southwest France and Paris. And I come back a day before orientation on July 10th.

  44. I’m nannying for a family with a six year old son untill I go on vacation with my family to explore the beautiful mountains of North Carolina!

  45. This summer I am hanging out with my best friends and doing tons of shopping for college! I am also spending a lot of my time at the beach!

  46. I am spending my summer with my friends and family, going to the beach, watching movies, travelling, and shopping! β˜€ I am also taking summer courses at NWFSC, and I cannot wait to officially start school as a tarheel!!! β™₯

  47. In July, I’m spending a week working with nonprofit organizations in DC for a missions trip. I’m also working at a camp I’ve attended every summer since I was 8, serving food, cleaning bathrooms, and all of that glamorous stuff. Until then, I’m playing soccer, meeting with my Shakespeare class from this past semester to read King Lear (nerd status), reading books, tanning (burning), watching movies, rewatching Arrested Development (seasons 1-3) until it stops being funny (never), drinking iced chai lattes, and preparing to attend the greatest university in the world in the fall.

  48. For the first half for te summer I was at UNC taking summer school classes. I also had the oppritunity to volunteer at a summer camp at UNC sponsored by Healthy Girls Save The World. For the rest of the summer, I will be traveling to Virginia to Volunteer as a camp counselor for a Christian based Camp for at risk youth! See you in August UNC:)

  49. Spent half of the summer “recovering” from what I believe was abuse (courtesy of Chemistry and Biology). I am now back to reality doing an internship and working.

  50. Next week I will be traveling to Orlando, Florida, for the TSA National Competition!! In July, I’m going to Rio de Janiero for World Youth Day!! And of course–First Year Orientation at UNC!!!

  51. My uncle is having a wedding in the Outer Banks, which will be a whole crazy affair with that whole side of the family! I’m sure it will turn into a fiasco.

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