Use Facebook groups to find others in your residence hall

With assignments coming out soon and Orientation on the horizon, it’s only logical that as a 21st century college student you’ll be looking to social media to network with future classmates. Here at Housing we strongly encourage you to join the Facebook group for whichever residence hall will be your new home next year. That way you can safely and easily meet your neighbors before move-in.

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Get an early start on your First Year Experience by using social media!

Alexander Facebook Group

Connor Facebook Group

Craige Facebook Group

Craige North Facebook Group

Ehringhaus Facebook Group

Hardin Facebook Group

Hinton James Facebook Group

Horton Facebook Group

Koury Facebook Group

AND all the other Hall Facebook Groups


These groups are exclusively for students with a verifiable UNC email address. To join any of these residence hall groups, you must first join the main UNC group.

So how do I join the main UNC group?

The first step is knowing your ONYEN (the Only Name You’ll Ever Need) and your full UNC email address, which is usually the first letter of your first name+last However, you did have the option to change this when you first created it. For example, mine is simply my last name It really doesn’t matter though as long as you remember what it is!

Next step, proceed to Facebook! Once logged in, head to this address or simply search for ‘UNC’ and filter by the ‘Groups’ category. The main UNC group should be the first result.

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You want this one!

To join, verify with your ONYEN email address.¬†After you join the main UNC group, you’ll have access to a myriad of other groups representing student interests of all kinds, and no spam from outsiders!

Of course, we recommend starting with your residence hall Facebook group! For a full list of residence hall Facebook groups (32 total), check out the note our Facebook page.

Still confused?

Leave us a comment here or on our Facebook page and we’ll be happy to help!

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  1. UNC Housing

    @brianna, make sure you’re using your full UNC email address, it should be formatted like this: onyen[at]

  2. Brianna

    I received a confirmation email and clicked on the link, but all it does is bring me to my general settings and still won’t let me join the groups at unc.


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