Tell us why you love your RA.

The role of an RA is to help residents get connected to UNC and create a sense of community on the hall. We invite you to share examples of how your RA has done a great job or made a difference on your hall this semester.

Do you really love your RA? Did you know you can nominate your RA for a Chancellor’s Award? The Keith Shawn Smith Award for Community Development and Mentorship is now recognized as a Chancellor’s Award. The deadline to nominate your RA is February 21.

69 thoughts on “Tell us why you love your RA.”

  1. I love my RA because she always seems to genuinely care about us and how we’re all adjusting to college life. She always has good advice and is willing to listen whenever you have a problem, a concern, or just a funny story to share!

  2. I love my RA because he goes above and beyond the acts of kindness and caring. He is 100% dedicated to his job and the safety of his hall participants. He even looks out for other surrounding halls as well. If you had to pick an RA, I would recommend Lee Wilson! If he doesn’t see you for a couple days, he will go out of his way to get in contact with you to assure that you’re safe. I love his personality and his love for his job!

  3. My RA has made being a First Year a lot easier! Without her I would not know nearly as much as do about living on campus and all the resources that I have available to me. Not only has she helped with transitioning to Carolina, but she has also been a friend to me. She is always willing to listen and offer solid advice no matter how big or small the situation is. My RA has been a BIG part of making my first year at UNC awesome!

  4. I LOVE my RA because she is always so friendly and truly interested in how my day is going. I am lucky enough to be in her suite and my suitemates and I hang out in her room all the time! We all share food and watch disney movies and I know she’s always there if I need anything! Her positivity and energy is amazing, and she has made my first year at UNC a great one! She also has some of the most creative and well decorated bulletin boards!

  5. I love my RA so much because she really is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. She strives to make our experience at Carolina even better than I ever imagined. She is extremely helpful and is always available for anything we ever ask of her. Her bulletin boards are awesome and she really makes me laugh. She is really cute and genuinely cares about us as residents. She also makes boss cookies and brownies.

  6. I love my RA because she is not only a good leader but a great friend. Other than my roommate, I know that my RA is one person I can go to for anything; advice, a fork, or even just a hug when I’m feeling down. I know this post sounds super cheesy, but it’s nothing but the truth!

  7. I love my RA because she is intentional about building friendships with her residents, and she goes above and beyond in helping us have the best first year experience despite us being on an island on north campus. Our hall meetings, and her decoration skills and bulletin boards are truly the best. Also, we made cupcakes together last night and that was pretty cool. And we came up with a plan to casually run into our crushes.

  8. I love my RA because she has gone the extra mile in all of her duties. She comes by to talk to us, gives us treats during the stressful weeks and holidays, and is always on call for issues or questions. Sometimes I forget she’s a student because of all the extra time she takes to be there for her residents.

  9. My RA is a beautiful human being because by the first week she had the names of those on our hall down, and had introduced everyone in the least awkward manner possible. Thank you to RAs everywhere!

  10. My RA is amazing because she takes the time to invest in our lives. She takes the time to bake goodies and fatten us up whenever she swings by to get an update on our lives. She’s so welcoming and warm and she genuinely seems to care about what we’re doing. I once asked her about her major and whatnot and she wasn’t shy to tell me the honest truth, from the glamorous to the not-so-glamorous of her classes. I wouldn’t trade her for any other RA! Tori is the BOMB.COM!

  11. I love my RA because she is pretty much everyone’s long lost older sister. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who genuinely cared about the well being of her neighbors (residents) in every aspect (life, school, friends and family)! She lives in my suite and I could not imagine living without her during my first year. She pushes everyone to better themselves, even herself! She makes us all feel like she is not only helping us on this journey in college but we are helping her, too. Also, she has the most beautiful singing voice ever!!

  12. I love my RA because she is pretty much everyone’s long lost older sister. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who genuinely cared about the well being of her neighbors (residents) in every aspect (life, school, friends and family)! She lives in my suite and I could not imagine living without her during my first year. She pushes everyone to better themselves, even herself! She makes us all feel like she is not only helping us on this journey in college but we are helping her, too. Also, she has the most beautiful singing voice ever!

  13. My RA is absolutely hilarious and always livens up the hallway. Our hall is generally very close, and I think we owe it to him for bringing us together. He makes sure to interact with all of us and seems to genuinely care about our wellbeing and any concerns that we may have regarding anything from school to extracurriculars to just life in general. He carefully plans events for us and is always excited about spending time with us, even though he himself seems very busy. He is always willing to take time to help us and sets a good example, as he is able to attend activities (such as sporting events) that he wants to while studying very hard and maintaining good grades. He encourages us to try our best and gives us the best advice!

  14. My RA is someone who continues to inspire me to be actively involved on campus, as she finds cool opportunities for me to become exposed to Carolina life. She also is always so sweet and puts on great events for us to enjoy

  15. I love my RA because she is someone who gives me a place to go whenever I just need to talk. She is someone who cares about her residents and shows that through her availability for us no matter the time of night. She tries to help with all of my problems that arise, and relates them to experiences that either she has had or knows of. I’m glad we have a resource like her down the hall! She was a big part of my first-year experience and it wouldn’t have been the same without her.

  16. My RA is like the cool aunt that everyone wants, but nobody has. She not only has lunch with each of her suites, but she became friends with each of us. Even more than that, she brought each of her suites closer together and made us all a closer community. She is like your most mature best friend and she always has your back. She is the bomb!

  17. I love my RA because he has the best advice! Classes, Carolina Fever events, buses routes, cafeteria hours–he always knows what’s going on. Saves me so much time and frustration!

  18. I love my R.A because she puts a smile on everyone’s face. Her presence alone brightens up the hall and her voice is so cute and bubbly! She does the sweetest things to make our days such as giving us chocolate, lemonade, etc. She is genuine and has a sincere personality who loves to help people and listen to their stories. She is the best person to go to for advice, especially with conflicts with friends.

  19. I LOVE my RA because she really shows that she cares about all of her residents. On a daily basis, she takes the time to check in with us. And because of that, our floor has become very close over the course of the whole year. She has an incredible sense of humor and is just a plain joy all the time!

  20. I LOVE my RA because she is a constant source of positivity and encouragement and is always there to listen or offer great advise. She’s played a pivotal role in my transition into college and my adjustment to UNC my first semester, and I am beyond thankful that I was placed on her floor and in her suite! She’s always singing a song or posting an inspirational message in our bathroom, and in general just never fails to brighten my day!

  21. I love my RA because she is always so friendly every time I see her. She puts in a lot of effort to coordinate fun floor events, and also bakes the most delicious cookies!

  22. I love my RA because they are always energetic and very excited. He always leaves his door open so that I can come talk to him anytime. We always have hall discussions about any random topic, just whatever is a current event for the day! For example, we both just finished talking about the awesome win today over Virginia Tech! Our basketball team is amazing and I am so glad that I get to be a Tar Heel and just be a part of this great university in general! I also believe Carolina has one of the greatest RA programs in the nation because the RA’s are very enthusiastic and always willing to give a helping hand! Signed a hopeful lottery winner!!! #GoHeelsGoAmerica

  23. I love my RA because she is so friendly, and does not hesitate to make herself available to the residents. She is always encouraging, and sets up events for our dorm to take breaks from studying, which was especially nice during exam time. It’s also nice to have someone available who has been here longer and can answer some of my questions.

  24. I love my RA because she is easy to talk to and fun to be around. I know I can easily strike up a conversation with her whenever I see her, and that I’ll probably end up laughing.

  25. I love my RA because is the funniest dude alive. He always has a bright outlook and some funny thing to say to make my day. Also he is a total geek like myself and comes up with the best floor activities ever. He is one of those people you just have to love!

  26. I love my RA because she is always full of spunk and happiness! She is so nice and loves being around people. She makes my floor food such as cookies, pancakes, and cupcakes. She is the absolute best!!

  27. I love my RA because she makes everyone feel welcome! She made my transition to college smoother by always being there to talk and even offering to swipe me into the dining hall when I had no meal plan!

  28. My RA is the best! She is perpetually singing or humming a tune, which always brightens my day instantly! She has such a positive outlook on life, which is evident in everything that she does. I am going to miss having her as my RA next year. ๐Ÿ™ She’s running for for Senior class president next year, so all you Juniors should vote for Lauren Smith! She is a wonderful candidate. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. I love my RA because she is awesome! She always tries to get the floor together and have floor dinners. She also does a couple of events per month like making crafts or food. She is always nice and sweet to everyone. She’s the best RA ever! And makes us brownies and cupcakes. ^–^

  30. I love my RA, Elizabeth Lynch, because not only is she a fantastic RA, but a fantastic friend. She is constantly working to make life on our hall more comfortable and fun, with personalized notes, candy, movies, ice cream sundae nights, etc. She’s very responsible and reminds us when we need to be quieter in the hall at night, pick up after ourselves in the bathroom, or make things easier for our housekeeper. Also, when I was having some issues last semester, she took time out of her day to go to a meeting with me at Campus Health so that I would be more comfortable, and continues to check up to see that I’m doing okay. I’m so blessed to have had her as an RA this year!

  31. I love my RA because she is always a help in the time of need. Even if itโ€™s late, she makes herself available for us. If weโ€™re sick, she offers her care and help. If there is something she canโ€™t do herself, then she doesn’t hesitate to lead us to the right resources. She makes sure that no issues go unresolved. I love my RA because whether itโ€™s medicine, advice, or directions to a resource – sheโ€™s always giving, showing that she cares.

  32. I love my RA because he made transitioning to Carolina a breeze!! I’m an out of state student, so the beginning of freshman year was a difficult time for me. My RA got my involved with out floor, and also helped me academically by editing my first college paper!

  33. I love my RA because she is always so friendly to me and genuinely seems to care about how I am doing. She also organizes some great events, and finds time to talk to me even when she is very busy.

  34. I love my RA Allison because she is quite literally the best. She makes our floor food, always plans great events, and plays catchphrase with the whole floor. Also, she can always answer our questions about UNC because she is a genius.

  35. I love my RA because she is always there when I need her. If I have a question or problem or just need someone to hang out with I can always depend on her. She also puts in a lot of effort to make our hall welcoming and fun. I couldn’t ask for a better RA!

  36. I love my RA because she is super energetic and always says hello! She lets us kick her out of her room to watch movies on her big TV too, which is obviously pretty cool and selfless.

  37. I love my RA because I can always go to her with any questions I have! She is super friendly and inviting to everyone, and she even goes out of her way to help me. Her floor events are awesome, and she works very hard at everything she does. Love ya, Georgia! ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. I love my RA because he is always so friendly! I can always have a conversation with him without feeling awkward. He also hosts many events like milkshake night so that our floor can bond.

  39. I love my RA because she is one of the nicest people I know and is always trying to help me in any way she can. She has truly made living on my hall an awesome experience.

  40. My RA puts in the utmost effort to get to know each person – she is always smiling when I see her and sincerely interested in how we have been. She really brings our entire floor together, helping us make new friends and meet new people.

    She handles all problems with professionalism and privacy, isn’t judgmental, and is so approachable. During the stressful finals week, I saw her taping candy to each individual room at 2am, a gesture that really stood out to me. She is truly the best RA I could have ever asked for!

  41. My RA is awesome because she is always friendly and very informative. She decorates the halls to create a more welcoming atmosphere and always has something planned. She also checks up on us frequently and just wants to know how we are doing or how our day has been.

  42. My RA is friendly and really dedicated! She hosts fun events like dances, weekly campus runs, and outdoor trivia with a huge inflatable projector screen. She makes great bulletin boards that are educational, applicable, and interesting. She always comes to our LLC meetings and handles a lot of tough situations! She’s also certified in a variety of programs, including Safe Zone, Haven, and One Act.

  43. I love my RA because he is so nice and always fun! He took the time to get to know all of our names and is always trying to plan fun activities to get our floor to interact and hang out more often. He isn’t super strict so that it gets annoying, but at the same time he manages to let us know the rules and how serious they are. He’s really friendly, and likes baking for us!

  44. I love my RA because she always takes the time to ask me how my day is going! She also always offers me coffee which is the quickest way to my heart! She is always there when I need her! I hope she is my RA again next year, but if not, I hope my RA is half as sweet as she is!

  45. I love my RA because she made us pancakes one night! They were excellent with chocolate chips and sprinkles, and it made me feel like she really cared about us. She is a great RA because she helped my roommate and me handle a disagreement and helped us work together to keep our attitudes toward each other positive. She is the best and I hope my RA next year is as awesome as she is!

  46. I LOVE my RA because she always goes out of her way to show she cares! She’s always available when I have a question or problem, or when I just need to talk. She has movie nights and pancake dinners in the kitchen and is the life of the 8th floor ๐Ÿ˜€ I couldn’t ask for a better RA!

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