SYNC helps members manage stress and connect with campus resources

Through a workshop with Interactive Theatre Carolina, members of SYNC learned new ways to help relieve and manage stress.

The “Sophomore Slump” is a period that many students face during their second year of college.

The thrill and excitement from your first year on campus dies down, the pressure to finalize your major mounts, classes start getting tougher and balancing school with work, extracurricular activities, friends and family seems next to impossible.

Needless to say, the stress can be overwhelming.

Last semester, members of the Living-Learning Community SYNC: Sophomore Year Navigating Carolina, some of whom may have been fighting their own second-year blues, learned how to relieve and manage this stress.

Through a workshop with Interactive Theatre Carolina, SYNC members engaged with the ITC student actors in a variety of exercises and learned some meditation and eye massage techniques.

ITC is a program that uses scripted and improvisational theatre to promote health, wellness and social justice.

Caroline Mwaura, student coordinator of SYNC, said that because the workshop took place right before finals last semester, the workshop was especially helpful.

“A lot of the students expressed that even though the workshop was something they normally might not have considered going to, they really enjoyed having the new experience.”

By connecting with various campus resources, such as the Learning Center and Career Services, members of SYNC can fight off the “Sophomore Slump” before it even hits.

In addition to the ITC workshop, SYNC members are connected with countless other resources and opportunities on campus, such as the Learning Center, Career Services and Study Abroad.

One of the newest additions to the LLC is that SYNC has two UNC Academic Advisors assigned specifically to the community to help members plan their course schedules and to offer advice.

“For students, especially for me as an out-of-state student who didn’t know anyone when I came here, it can be difficult to get plugged into a university that’s this big,” said Caroline. “SYNC really helped me to realize that there’s so much here for me and there are so many great resources available for students.”

SYNC is housed in Koury this year, but it will move to Cobb next year. If you’re interested in SYNC or another Living-Learning Community, view application instructions here!

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