FAQs: Studying Abroad

Q: What happens if my roommate ends up studying abroad in the spring? Will I have a single for that semester or will I get a replacement roommate?

A: You could choose to either buy out the space or name a new roommate. If you do not take one of those options, you may be assigned a random roommate.

Q: If one decides to study abroad during the school year, will housing contracts prevent one (monetarily) from doing so? Would another person be added to the room or would the spot be left vacant?

A: Your space might be filled, but there is no penalty charged if you’re studying abroad.

Q: If a friend is studying abroad but doesn’t find out until after housing decisions have been made, could someone else who has already chosen housing take the room for the semester instead?

A: Sure, just contact UNC Housing to work that out.

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  1. If I am studying abroad in the fall, but want to stay with to stay with my same roommates in the spring is that possible? Could it be arranged with housing to place someone only there for the fall?

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