FAQs: Residence Halls

Q: Which residence halls have the smallest ratio of number of people per bathroom?

A: Hardin, Horton, Koury and Craige North are all suite-style, so each has four students per bathroom.

Q: Which residence halls will be renovated in the future?

A: This summer, Parker, Avery and Teague are getting wood floors, and Hinton James is getting wood floors and renovated bathrooms.  The renovations in Ehringhaus will also finish before fall with the completion of new bathrooms.

Q: I’ve heard rumors that Hardin is going to be an all-female residence hall next year. Is this true?

A: Yes, that is true.  First-year students will mostly be placed on the southern part of campus next year, so an all-female building needs to be available. Also, Parker will become a coed building next year.

Q: Does acceptance in an LLC guarantee placement into the residence hall where the LLC is located?

A: Yes. If you’re accepted into a Living-Learning Community, a space is reserved for you in that residence hall.

Q: Is there anything regarding squatter’s rights? Can we claim and keep our current rooms for the next year?

A: Yes. That’s the first step in the process, which you can complete now.

Q: Which residence halls are open during summer sessions?

A: Olde Campus Upper and Lower Quad will be used for summer housing.  If you have an assignment during the regular year for Odum Village or Ram Village, you would also be eligible to live there during the summer.

Q: Do some residence halls cost more than others?

A: No. Rates are determined by room type, not by residence hall.

Q: What opportunities are available to reduce housing fees? I’m aware of applying to ResNET, but are there others?

A: RAs receive a reduced rate, but that would be the only other option.

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