NOTE: This information does not pertain to incoming students. First-year and transfer students who have not yet arrived on campus should consult the information on our website for FAQs related to new students.

Q: How does the process work when choosing a specific room within a residence hall?

A: Please visit the UNC Housing website for more details about the housing selection process.

Q: What are the major changes to the housing selection process for the upcoming year?

A: The major change is that suite selection is now online as part of the overall housing selection process. The online system calls this “groups.” You can create and then share group information, which will allow any of you to place the others into a suite.

Q: Will the fact that my roommate for next year is a rising senior while I am a rising junior affect the housing selection process?

A: You’ll both get different selection times, so the one with the better time should pick for your group.

Q: Out of all the residence halls on north campus, which are hardest to get a spot in as a rising sophomore?

A: This really depends on how many current sophomores, juniors and seniors want each particular building and how how many rooms are available. Because of size, Old East and Old West tend to be the most difficult to select as a current first-year student.

Q: If one’s roommate is applying to be an RA, is it better to risk going random if the roommate is hired, or should one start looking for a new roommate now?

A: That’s a decision that really depends on your personal preference. Do you mind going random?  If yes, wait to see if your friend is hired.  If no, you should probably start looking for a new roommate as a backup.

Q: Do juniors and seniors get priority for room selection on the day to move within the same building?

A: No, that will be first-come, first-serve.

Q: Do transfer students get priority for housing?

A: Transfer students coming to UNC for the first time do not apply for housing until much later than current students, so there is no way to give them priority.

Q: Are all first-year students required to live on south campus next year?

A: First-year students will be placed either on south campus or in about 100 spaces that will be grouped together on north campus.

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    What is meant by “On the day to move within same building? Does it mean that you want to stay in the same building you have to apply on certain date?


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