FAQs: Apartments

NOTE: This information does not pertain to first-year students. First-year students who have not yet arrived on campus should consult the information on our website for FAQs related to new students.

Q: Which buildings in Ram Village have shared rooms and which have single rooms?

A: Ram Village 1, 3, 5 and Taylor Hall (RV 4) all  have private bedrooms.  Ram Village 2 has shared bedrooms.

Q: Are there two bedroom apartments in Ram Village?

A: There are 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom style apartments available in Ram Village.

Q: Which buildings in Ram Village have laundry machines?

A: Laundry rooms are located in Ram Village 1 and Ram Village 5.

Q: Do rising sophomores have a better chance of getting to live in Ram Village next year if they choose the random roommate option?

A: You should have a decent shot of getting in either way, but it is certainly much easier if you don’t care who your roommates are.

Q: Which is preferred by most students – Odum Village or Ram Village?

A: Ram Village is much newer, houses more students and has more rooms per apartment, so it’s more frequently requested. But both apartment communities fill up, and each has its perks. The “personalities” of each community are somewhat different, so people are usually drawn to one community more so than the other.

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