39 thoughts on “What makes your residential community unique?”

  1. I live in Teague Dorm but its really nice that it’s part of the Parker Community because it makes it feel like I’m part of a huge community like was my freshman year living in HoJo.

  2. I really enjoy living in Connor Community! It is the perfect location on north campus. Some of the unique features include the monthly pancake night, weekly in-hall recycling pick-up, and Connorstock festival. There are several large and convenient lounges and kitchens. Connor Community is also known for its success in Green Games! I highly suggest the community!

  3. I live in Hinton James, and it is unique because it is home to so many unique people! I’m constantly meeting new people who share so many interests with me. We have awesome programs too.

  4. Cobb is a fantastic community, and ever since the fire, I have gotten much closer with others on my floor as well as the Community Government(all of whom are SO awesome and friendly!)

  5. Morrison is a great community. It by far has the best location for food (Rams), studying (SASB, also not too far from the libraries), mail (package center is right here!), exercise (the gym is right outside!), and bus stops. I think this makes Morrison a great hub for people who have lots of different commitments around campus, while still providing the homey, social vibe of a South Campus dorm.

  6. Koury is where it’s at. Everyone cares about their schoolwork but we all know how to have fun! My best friends live in this dorm and everyone here will gladly help you with homework.

  7. EHAUS is the bomb.com!!! It wasn’t even on my list for housing but I am so glad that my roomate and I were placed here. I have met some pretty amazing people, and it is those people that make the EHAUS community unique. PLUS, WE ARE HARRY POTTER THEMED….HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!!!!!!

  8. I live in the Craige Community, and our hall is unique because we’re mostly freshmen, all adjusting to college life and learning about UNC together! We have an awesome community governor who plans great activities and takes care of our concerns, fantastic RA’s who decorate our lobby and halls fabulously, and fun events and activities that involve yummy food and getting to know our hall mates!

  9. I live in Craige North and its very unique. The RA loves to sing and play guitar which is really nice if you want to have a concert. The hall mates are all very funny and we always find something to laugh at. It was really weird at first because the walls are paper thin but all in all its been great living there. I like that the bus stop is just across the street and if you’re in the mood to walk, its a cool ten minute walk. The Spanish House is on the first floor which has helped me out a lot with Spanish 203. We also have lots of events where the RA’s get together and cook food for us as well as when they order us dinner. I think Craige North is also great because we have yet to have a late night fire drill which helps me sleep a lot better! I also like that the laundry room is always open with no crowds. I can honestly say there has never been a dull moment in Craige North.

  10. I live in Koury and I’m part of the Sophomore Year Navigating Carolina living learning community and it’s great! We all got to know each other well and I learned a lot more about what UNC has to offer. The suite style of sharing the bathroom with only one other room was great and the rooms are spacious!

  11. The best part about E-haus is the people that I live with in my suite and the social aspect of living in such a large dorm. I know so many people from E-haus frankly because of the suite style and how friendly people are in my dorm. I’ve had numerous people tell me they wish they lived in E-Haus because of all the social events, people, and suite style of the dorm. And I think if Hojo is first in fire drills, E-haus must be second. That’s the only major negative about E-haus that I have experienced so far.

  12. At first i felt like Craige North was going to be a pretty unsocial dorm, but as the semester went on our hall has become pretty close. I love how if im bored i can walk across the hall and find something fun to do.

  13. Living with 1000+ first-year students, there’s always going to be something to do in HoJo! Hinton James gets the crown for unfortunately having the most fire alarms going off this school year!

  14. I live in Horton on south campus and it is a great community to live in. The indoor hall style allows you to stay out of the bad weather and helps you to meet more of your hall-mates. You are located close to Rams, SASB, and the Dean Dome. The community puts on great events and it is just a great place to live!

  15. I live in Kenan Community (Alderman) and it should suffice to say- “We have rocking chairs”. On a beautiful spring, fall, or summer day there is nothing better than chatting with a friend on the front porch of a Kenan residence hall. Not to mention, we are located right beside the arboretum and steps from Franklin. It’s the perfect place to step outside your door and experience the best that UNC has to offer.

  16. I love Carmichael because everyone knows each other and it doesn’t feel like the typical college dorm. I love the activities that they host and COGO really tries to bring the community together.

  17. I love Cobb for so many reasons. First of all it is nice to study inside the building. Everybody is very nice and friendly. RA’s are great and always willing to help. It is also close to parking lot.

  18. I live in Kenan Community, specifically McIver. Not only are the dorms and rooms beautiful but ALL the furniture is movable. Big plus when you are cramped for space. McIver and Kenan also house the WELL living-learning community. I am not part of WELL, but because I share their floor I am never at a loss for making friendly conversation with my hall mates. My experience in Kenan Community has demolished all the stereotypes of North Campus being antisocial upperclassmen. It’s hard to beat living in a beautiful, friendly community that’s close to everything: classes, dining hall, library, Franklin, etc.

  19. I love living in the Parker community! I live in Teague and the dorm is such a great location! Less than a ten minute walk to class is a definite plus! Suite style allows you to be with friends but you also get to interact with other suites on the hall. The view from our balcony is so cool! We overlook the soccer field so we get to watch games from there as well as get to hear the band practice on the field hockey fields! I also love to hammock behind our dorm. It is so peaceful and a nice place to escape from the busyness of campus. It is the perfect location for football games and also not far from the Dean Dome! We have easy access to laundry and printing and not to mention we have a great RA! Big rooms and living with seven other people is really a breeze and one of the best decisions I have made!

  20. COBB is where it’s at. So many study rooms! It’s quiet and peaceful and the people here are really friendly – not loud and obnoxious. I love running into my hallmates in the bathroom and just talking about random stuff and I love the hall events that are made to bond us together. It’s also next to Cobb parking deck, which is the best thing ever if you always have friends visiting from out of town. The best part for me is that it is next to Playmakers – where I work. It is literally a 30 second walk and I could not be more thankful!

  21. I absolutely love living in the Cobb Community! One of the major perks of living in the Cobb Community is that we are our own community, meaning that we have laundry, printing, and any check-out items that you need all in one location! It is right next to the Cobb parking deck (which is exponentially helpful when you have a friend visit for the weekend or you’re trying to unload your entire dorm room within close proximity of your building on move-in day!). The RA’s in Cobb are incredibly friendly and helpful, and are always around when you need help with a room issue or just want to know about somewhere yummy to eat on Franklin Street. Another unique thing about Cobb is the people who live here. Everyone in the community is super friendly, and incredible friendships have been made right in the main lobby of our building. When you live in Cobb, you feel like you are a part of something greater — not just a community, but a family.

  22. I love living in Craige North! It is unique because everyone here has been so loving towards me. I am very shy, and all the wonderful people in the Manning West community have been so caring and I never feel alone. We are unique because we truly live as a community. It’s been amazing coming back to a dorm I truly feel is “home.”

  23. I am a first-year currently living in the Ehringhaus Community, and what makes my community unique is that it is full of ways to enjoy the full first-year experience. Nearly everyone in the building is a first-year, so we’re all sharing common experiences and mindsets, which helps us to feel comfortable in our new home. There are also tons of social activities available for the whole building or for each floor, which help our community to feel like just that–a community. My personal favorite feature is our view from my 6th floor woodland side room–the sunrises and sunsets are to die for.

  24. I live in Spencer in Kenan Community, which I love for several reasons. I love Spencer especially because I can tell everyone that I live right on Franklin Street – which is great for me, because Starbucks, Walgreens, church, and all of my favorite restaurants are all just a short walk away! At the same time, I get to call the arboretum my backyard. The arb also acts as a great buffer between my residence hall and the more academic components of campus, which is nice. Class isn’t far either, obviously, but it is far enough that I can feel like I’m getting away from school. Kenan Community is perfect!

  25. I believe that Carmichael Community is the best on campus. We are located on mid-campus so not far from either end of campus. I love this community because of the people for sure. Carmichael holds many different varsity athletes (tennis, volleyball, track and field, swimming and diving, fencing, women’s soccer, and wrestling). Not only are we abundant with athletes, we have many different personalities including artists, musicians, comedians, cooks, dancers, etc. With all of these personalities Carmichael is a melting pot; it’s kind of like our own mini campus. UNITAS is a great LLC, our RAs are amazing, CoGo hosts really fun events, and once again the people are awesome. Overall, I can’t think of another place on campus that is quite like Carmichael Community 🙂

  26. I live in the Ehringhaus Community. This community is unique to the North campus communities and apartments because it has the Freshman experience to it. A high majority of the people living in Ehringhaus are underclassmen, mostly freshmen. Living here as a freshmen is a great way to bond and make new friends. The suite-style also helps people in Ehringhaus to become closer by allowing more daily interaction. It is also easy walking distance to every other South campus dorm because it is in the middle area of that region.

  27. I live in Craige on south campus. I really like living in this dorm because there are so many ways to meet new people and make friends. Also, almost every week, the RAs plan events for Craige residents to attend. These can range from getting free food, engaging in crafts, or anything holiday related. The rooms are also very nice because its a ton of room.

  28. Hinton James is unique because it gives first-year students the true “freshmen experience”. Everyone is so helpful and close, there is always something to do, and always new people to meet. Although Hinton James is a 15 minute walk from North Campus, it’s actually beneficial because it forces you to get up and walk!


  29. Granville Towers has been a great place for me to live for the past three years. I love how close it is to campus and all the stores and restaurants on Franklin Street. I feel like I’m in the middle of UNC and Chapel Hill life! It is a good combination of all the things I like in a dorm — suite style bathrooms, larger rooms, built-in closets, and a close walking distance to classes.

  30. Olde Campus Upper Quad (Mangum, Manly, Ruffin, Grimes, Old East, Old West) is a great community because it’s so close to everything! You’re right next to Davis, so you never have to worry about walking all the way home after studying late at night. Lenoir is also pretty close, so you can easily meet friends for lunch/dinner. It’s also really convenient to run to between class breaks instead of trying to find somewhere on-campus.

  31. Hinton James is a great dorm for first years. It is where you make your first friends and it is a very social dorm since most people at the beginning are actually looking for friends. The rooms are not even that bad as people say, they are more than enough for a college student, and the walk… it makes you do daily exercise, which is very healthy!

  32. OCLQ is a very active community and a great location. It’s less than a 5 minute walk to classes, Lenoir, Franklin St, etc. We have great study lounges within the community and all of the people are very friendly. The individual halls in OCLQ are much more social than other communities, and it’s nice to be able to have an automatic group of friends (kind of like a super super suite). The RA’s and community director are also top-notch and are always planning activities and random events for their residents.

  33. Although Hinton James has a bad reputation for being the worst dorm at UNC, I am actually enjoying living here. I live on the 9th floor and have an amazing view, especially in the fall with the beautiful colors of the leaves. People often complain about the walk form Hinton James, but in reality, it is no farther from the other dorms on south campus.

  34. The Morrison Community is unique because it is environmentally conscious! In 2010, Morrison dorm won the Environmental Protection Agency’s first National Building Competition by reducing its energy consumption by 36% in just one year, and it continues to represent the campus’s commitment to sustainability today. Most noticeable is the array of solar panels atop Morrison, which produce the hot water for the building, but the dorm also houses the Sustainability Living Learning Community and features a weekly composting program. Residents are given plastic tubs to collect food waste, which is taken to HOPE Gardens each week!

    Of course, Morrison also has some other neat features. It contains a few floors of super suites, has what I consider the nicest lobby and lounge area on south campus, and is the ideal location– close to the gym and the dining hall, but still a nice walk to main campus.

  35. I live on Olde Campus Lower Quad (Graham, Aycock, Lewis, Stacy) and I find the community to be both engaging and unique. We have some of the best RAs and community managers on campus that actively organize events for residences.

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