26 thoughts on “What do you think is the greatest benefit of joining a Living-Learning Community?”

  1. Coming from out-of-state, as a sophomore transfer, has been extremely tough. Coming in, I wanted to join Transfer U, and live in their Living Learning Community. However, due to my sophomore status, I was not given the chance to do so…. Meeting people and making friends has been quite the struggle, and it’s still quite the obstacle for me. I definitely get homesick at times, and it would be great to have a community of friends to take my mind off it. Over the second semester here, I have fortunately meet a few people from the Transfer LLC, and it seems like a great thing to be a part of. To anyone attending UNC in the future, as a transfer student, I highly recommend joining the Transfer LLC. It’s an unbelievable opportunity to meet people, and be around a fun social atmosphere. I wish I had the chance to be a part of it when I first got here, and just want future transfers have some better luck than myself in the process of making friends. I promise it’s really smart to do, and you may find network opportunities for the future as well.

  2. Joining a LLC is a wise choice for a student interested in maximizing their overall experience at UNC. Beyond the classroom and extracurricular activities, the LLC’s at UNC give students another facet of university life they will benefit from.

  3. LLCs allow you to find people immediately that share a passion or interest. My wing of Cobb is the Sophomore LLC and I have met such a diverse, yet incredible group of girls.

  4. I think joining a LLC is the best way to make good friends on campus. Some LLC also have many special programs over the weekend, and those special programs can be used to fulfill many GE requirements.

  5. Coming from out-of-state has certainly been a tough adjustment. I was really interested in joining the Transfer U when I chose to attend UNC. However, being a sophomore transfer, I wasn’t able to join the organization. Over this past semester, I have meet a few people who are part of the organization, and the benefits of being a part of a special group like that would have been unbelievable. It seems to make it so much more easy to interact with people like you, and make many friends. From an outsiders perspective, I am very jealous of them. A LLC is a great opportunity for anyone, and I would recommend it to all students!

  6. I think the best part of a Living Learning Community is primarily the type of people that you are going to meet. Carolina in itself is a diverse community and its just great for diverse people to come together with one similar goal in a LLC. I think as a current First-Year Student I am most interested in the Sophomore Year program. I want to meet other sophomores who have the same goals as myself to stay motivated and to be more active in the Carolina community.

  7. I think the best part of a Living Learning Community is that you actually learn while living even if you’ve never experienced the theme of said community. I was never a big fan of recycling and never really went out of my way to recycle but being in Morrison and always learning about it has made me more aware of the things I choose to throw into the garbage and the things I choose to recycle- here and at home.

  8. Like a lot of people have already touched on, LLC’s are great for getting to know the people living around you. Having mandatory meetings and fun, group-planned activities really helps make your neighbors more than just faces you see every now and then. When I was in an LLC, I felt much more like a party of a community on my hall than I had before or have since.

  9. The best part of being in an LLC, for me at least, was the multitude of avenues and new experiences this community opened up, which ultimately allowed me to really mold my first-year experience into my first really impactful Heelprint. Because of the Sustainability LLC’s deep-rooted involvement in the campus community that extends to Hope Gardens and Chapel Hill’s town hall, I was able to navigate many opportunities for personal growth in the form of extracurricular activities. With the Sustainability LLC as my base of operations, so to speak, I endeavored to really make a visibile change on campus by joining the Environmental Affairs Committee of Student Government and other campus organizations centered on environmental progress. And, all of this passionate involvement has further prompted me to try to focus on sustainable entrepreneurship as a concentration within my Business major. Therefore, the biggest reward I have received from living in an LLC, in addition to being surrounded by very diverse and enriching individuals, was to really zone in on an area of interest that will have an indelible effect on the rest of my collegiate career.

  10. You get to interact with people you otherwise would never have had the chance to meet. The process is enriching and it gives you a chance to experience diversity.

  11. The best thing is all of the events that go on, and knowing that the other people in your community have similar values, so you automatically feel comfortable around them.

  12. I think one of the greatest benefits of living in an LLC would be the connections you make with the other people involved in the LLC. I have quite a few friends who live in various LLC’s on campus, and when you walk into their building you can feel the connections between the residents. The people you live with in your LLC all applied and are interested in the same common topic, so even if you don’t think you have a conversation starter with your neighbor on move-in day, you already have one by being in the same LLC!

  13. I think the greatest benefit of joining an LLC is that you make new friends. Along with meeting new people, depending on which LLC you live in, you get to learn about topics you find interesting in different perspectives and you can apply these perspectives in the real world. Lastly, you can gain leadership and teamwork skills.

  14. If you’re a freshman, it’s a great way to make an instantaneous connection with people of similar interests. It can be intimidating when you first arrive at UNC, so LLCs make it a little less scary and provide a way to open up.

  15. The best part of the LLC’s, in my opinion, is the instant connection you have to the people around you. Being surrounded by a diverse group of individuals has allowed me to develop new friendships and has provided an enriching living experience.

  16. I think that the best benefits of joining LLC’s is the fact that they allow you to easily transition into making friends since everyone shares a common interest. They also allow individuals to see new perspectives on issues that they are interested in.

  17. The greatest benefit of joining the Sustainability Living Learning Community, although it’s hard to pick one, is that third part– the community! As a more introverted first year student, it was really great to know all the people on my half of my floor within just one week! It helped me feel more comfortable in my transition to college when I knew a lot of people, saw them on a frequent basis, had similar interests with those around me, and could have intellectual conversations with them about current issues. We really do all get together well and have a fun time going to dinner together, having potlucks, celebrating each other’s birthdays, doing service projects, going on retreats, watching movies, singing carols, doing t-shirt swaps, and more! It’s a larger community relationship that I believe wouldn’t be possible in a traditional dorm setting for first year students! We all have some overlapping interests (ie. sustainability), but it is still a diverse group and it’s helpful to network with each other and find our niche on campus according to our interests.

  18. I lived in the RELIC LLC last year and it was an amazing experience. You have the opportunity to spend time with individuals who have a shared interest and a passion for learning for more about topics that you may have never heard about or been intrigued about yourself. With RELIC, we looked at different religions and religious practices, posed philosophical questions about controversial topics of religion, and were able to get perspectives from individuals who had very different backgrounds in their religious beliefs and value systems. It allowed for some really intriguing topics to come to light and allowed all of us to broaden our horizons about religion and also question ourselves about what beliefs and values were most important in our daily lives and how religion affected our values. Living in an LLC also gives the opportunity to meet some really amazing people, people that you have never met otherwise. My roommate from last year and I became really good friends and even though I live elsewhere this year, we still spend time together and she keeps me updated on her life. I get to hear from all the RELIC folks every once in a while and it’s great to have those connections and friendships. We go to the gym together, go to Yopo or our to dinner (bi-weekly sushi!), and just hang out, even though I don’t live in Grimes anymore. It’s a great support system to have because the individuals you live with will be there to help you through all the problems or difficulties you may have along the way and you have the opportunity to give that same support to another person/group of people as well. It’s a great way to be involved on campus and really branch out in ways that you would have never considered. As Rachel said, there are some really great LLCs available on campus to choose from and they appeal to a wide array of interests, so there’s a good chance that you will find something that allows you to explore your interests as well as creating life-long friendships throughout your time living in an LLC.

  19. When you join an LLC, you’re really joining a family. It’s crazy because you start the year not really knowing anyone. But it’s easy to get past that anxiety and build some strong relationships since you all have a common bond. It’s a unique opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and pursue something you’re passionate about, like a foreign language (Spanish House, Chinese House), leadership (WELL), or anything else!

  20. Being part of an LLC opens up a network of connections around the campus. I believe a large number of LLC members end up being part of committees and positions on different organizations in school.

  21. Just as Ashley said, a LLC provides opportunity to engage with other students similar to yourself. UNC has many great LLC that appeal to a wide variety of tastes and backgrounds.

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