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UNC Basketball Meme
A meme that I submitted to UNC Memes last year.

The good, the bad, and the just plain weird.

Well, it’s that time of year again: finals.  If there’s one thing I do more than studying this time of year it’s finding distractions to help me get through the stress.  I always find myself in need of a break from the monotony of textbooks and study guides.  I need some humor.

But where could I take a break and find a good laugh?

Watch a comedy movie? Listen to a comedian’s routine? Try to pull some pranks? In the words of one famous video sensation, “ain’t nobody got time for that.” So like any other college student these days, I begin surfing the web.

Let’s face it; the internet has become our primary source of funny material these days.  Whether its memes, sketch comedy, or auto tuning the news, the internet has come a long ways since the days of chain emails and Twiggy the water skiing squirrel.

Memes have taken over the web, turning every day macro images into hilarious cultural phenomenons.  Though they started off in internet forums as image responses, they’ve now expanded into any words, phrases, images, or ideas popularized on the web.  If you haven’t ever heard of memes, check out some classics such as “Good Guy Greg” and “Technologically Impaired Duck.

The UNC Memes page has become a hugely popular interactive page where students can create and share memes that relate to everything UNC, including a little a poking fun at our rivals.  I even got around to submitting a couple images last year.

But still, nothing has changed the way I laugh more than YouTube. Watching the evolution of dance, babies biting fingers, and cats playing keyboards has become a pastime of our generation. It’s become a place for the talented, less talented, and just plain weird. Who could forget suffering through Miss South Carolina or a kid singing Lady Gaga into a banana?

North Carolina hasn’t been immune to the YouTube craze. Local comedians Rhett and Link have become web sensations with their hometown commercial spoofs for businesses like The Red House Furniture. You can even find an odd ode to the town of Carrboro on YouTube.

A YouTube video of the cartoon character He-Man singing the 1993 hit “What’s Up?” has reached 27 million views.

The 80s have given us some classics hits, whether you’re trying to break into the music scene or you’re a seasoned veteran of the industry. It’s just hard to top that.

Newscasts have also been some of my favorite videos on the web. It all began with a leprechaun in a tree, then a joy ride with a seven year old and culminated with Antoine Dodson.

So enjoy internet humor and use it to help you break the monotony of studying for finals. But be careful, it can be distracting and lead to lots of wasted time. Just ask me how long it took me to write this blog.

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