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It is easy to receive help on campus; you just have to ask.

Resources, resources, resources

If I tried to tell you about all of the Housing and other on-campus resources in this one blog post, I’d be typing for a very long time. Hopefully that says to you that there are lots of resources here at UNC! Tons, really. Looking for help in any way, shape or form? There is an on-campus resource for that.

For the sake of time and reading on your part, I’m going to compile a list (that is in no way totally complete because I probably won’t even get to the 600+ student organizations that can be amazingly helpful). If you are interested in knowing more about any of these, click the links.

        Also, if you tend to be forgetful and don’t remember where this list is, talk to your RA. Believe it or not, part of your RA’s training involves becoming a resource in and of themselves. They aren’t experts on every aspect of the Chem. Department, but talk to a third-year RA and they can just about tell you anything you need to know about UNC. No joke.

  • Academic Advising –Plan your classes for the upcoming years along with other academic decisions
  • The Center for Student Success and Academic Counseling (CSSAC) – Academic counseling and personal support
  • The Learning Center – Learn how to learn better! Tutoring, test prep (GRE, MCAT, etc.), workshops
  • The Writing Center – Get your essays and resumes critiqued face to face or online
  • Math Help Center – Tutoring one on one or in small group
  • Student Athlete Academic Support – Varsity athletes supported with counseling, study hall, tutoring, and study skills development
  • Dean of Students – Oversee many different larger educational programs
  • Disability Services – With proper medical documents, students can get special services for life in and out of the classroom
  • Diversity and Multicultural Affairs – Works to build an inclusive and diverse campus. Diversity matters!
  • Campus Health Services – Medical care for wellness and preventative care, in jury care, chronic medical conditions, testing, etc.
  • Counseling and Wellness Services – A division of the student health service that focuses on counseling, crisis intervention, fitness, nutrition, sexual health, stress management, etc.
  • University Career Services – Helps you assess interests and make decision about future career opportunities
  • The Carolina Women’s Center – Serves as a resource to women on campus who wish to talk about their needs and aspirations
  • First Generation College Students – The FGCS Council connects students who are the first in their family to attend college
  • ITS – Provides technical support 24 hours a day
  • International Student and Scholar Services – Serves as the primary support for international students
  • Johnston Center – Provides opportunities through the Honors Program and Undergraduate Research
  • LGBTQ Center – Works to create a safe, inclusive environment for students of all sexualities, gender identities and gender expressions
  • New Student and Carolina Parent Programs – Provides info to all incoming students and their parents (they plan Orientation!)
  • Peer Academic Alliance (PAAL) – Matches students seeking academic support with a peer knowledgeable of UNC’s resources (Email

Other resources – a bit more self-explanatory:

Well, it’s not everything, but there are a lot!

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