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Everyone’s gotta eat, and what’s really nice about UNC is that there are always places to grab a bite. There are two main dining halls on campus where your meal plan will get you into: Top of Lenoir Hall on North Campus right next to the pit and Rams Head Dining Hall on South Campus which is in the Rams Head Plaza. You should get to eat in Lenoir when you come for Orientation, so that visit will give you a taste for what to look for in Lenoir.

Now I could tell you about dining hall hours and what kind of tax savings you can get when you purchase a plan, but what I really think you should know is where the hidden gems are within the on-campus dining locations, and a few delicacies that everyone on UNC’s campus should order from Franklin Street and beyond.

Photo of Lenior Dining Hall
Lenoir Hall is centrally located near the Union and Student Stores.

Top of Lenoir
Best thing about Lenoir might have to be the cookies. Talk about options and quality! Some of the best moments in Lenoir have been shared over their M&Ms cookies. Other highlights include the sushi, the salad bar (super fresh, well stocked even at peak dining hall hours, and some days they have fresh strawberries and pineapple waiting for you at the end of the bar!) and the Asiago chicken that they make. So delicious!


Rams Head
Rams Head is great, especially for vegetarians. They usually have some really tasty vegetarian dishes, and I really love when they have sweet potato fries. Also, the World’s Fare station is a stir-fry station that features great international dishes. I pretty much went to that line first every time I ate at Rams Head. Also, they have a wonderful cereal bar. I think there was a time where I had cereal at every meal for at least 2 or 3 weeks. Plus, no matter what milk preference you have (I, myself, am a skim milk drinker), they have your option including soy and chocolate milk.

Photo of salad bar at Rams Head
Rams Head is located near Kenan Stadium and the Alumni Center.


Alpine Bagel
It is really difficult to pick one thing off Alpine’s menu that I like best. I think maybe it’s the Gooooood Morning Camper: a bagel (which they have so many choices—I’d go sun-dried tomato, but that’s just me) with egg, cheese, and your choice of ham, sausage, or bacon. Soooo good. The Denver Omelette is delicious too. Plus, they have these granola, fruit, and yogurt parfaits which are, as the French would say, absolument parfait (absolutely perfect)!

Located on Mainstreet in Lenoir Hall, 1.5.0. is the newest addition. If you are a believer in sustainability, eating organic, or supporting local farmers, this is the place for you. They make the best sandwiches—I think my favorite was a Cuban sandwich on rosemary focaccia bread. It’s not cheap, but the portions are big, and taste and flavor are even bigger. They also have amazing sweet potato fries (I guess I kinda like those, since I’ve mentioned them twice now.)

Off-Campus Must-Haves:

  • Pokey Stix from Gumby’s Pizza – Don’t ask, just order! These will change your way of eating at 1 a.m.
  • An A.K. Ski or Cali Ski from [B]Ski’s – If you like your chicken spicy, the A.K. will suit your fancy, while those who prefer something lighter would prefer the Cali.
  • A $3 Love-It Size Signature Creation from Cold Stone Creamery – On Sunday nights, all UNC students get this special deal on whatever ice cream they desire. Yummy!
  • Burger and Fries from The Lodge Bar & Grill on Henderson Street – Nothing hits the spot like a good burger. Plus, the fries have a special lemon pepper seasoning on them that no other place captures.

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Have you found other on or off-campus must eats? Disagree with my recommendations? Tell me about it by dropping us a comment here!

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