Sharing a Bathroom

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No matter where you live on campus during your first year at Carolina, you will have to share your bathroom. It’s just gonna happen. And – to be completely honest – it’s not even that difficult.

So many incoming first-years that I have talked to or hear about fear sharing bathrooms. Well, ok, incoming first-year females mostly. Guys, I guess you don’t tend to spend as much time in the bathroom. I hope that this message will assuage your anxiety and worries.

Sharing a bathroom won’t be the end of the world. For the most part, you won’t even think too much about it. Yes, you will have to wait to take a shower at least once during the year. Yes, you might have to share a sink to brush your teeth. But that won’t happen all the time.

     Bathroom ratios are different all throughout campus. In the North Campus hall/corridor style buildings, there is one bathroom on the hall for the 15-40 (depending on the building) other residents of the floor. Granted this bathroom has multiple sinks, toilets, and showers.

In the South Campus four-room suite style building, there is one bathroom per suite shared by either four people (if it is a suite of single rooms) or 8 people (if it is a double room suite). These bathrooms have a single toilet and shower, but will have two sinks.

In the Manning Communities, the bathroom is shared between two rooms, with one toilet, one shower, and two sinks. Because it is situated between rooms and there is no common space that accesses these bathrooms, it is up to the residents to clean these bathrooms. All other bathrooms on campus will be maintained by housekeeping.

Photo of girl in a bathroom
Bathrooms shared between two rooms are found in the Manning communities.

Another thing to note about bathrooms on campus is that you can’t leave your belongings in the bathrooms (except in the Manning Communities). Make sure you invest in a shower caddy that has holes in the bottom for the water to drain out. In the suite-style buildings, a shower curtain is provided, but you might want to bring your own to add some color to the bathroom (I would definitely do this – however you won’t know who is going to do so among suitemates, so wait until you get there to decide who will get one, otherwise you might end up with 3 curtains for one shower).

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