Which residence hall is the best?

Some comparisons of campus communities

When people ask which residence hall is the best, it is really difficult to give an accurate answer to the question because of how different the experiences can be in each community. The word “best” can be interpreted so many different ways. Each residence hall is the best for some and not for others, but it is really up to you to make it the best experience for yourself.

North Campus

To live on North Campus means living in historic buildings, living with upperclass students, and living on quads. Each North Campus community has a slightly different look and feel to each building, but there are some amazing highlights in each. North Campus residents can all get to the Pit within 5 minutes of walking out their community’s front door.

All residence halls are corridor (or hall) style, meaning that you will share a bathroom with your floor. Each floor is a single gender, but floor gender may vary within the building. There are 25 different buildings on North Campus, which house about half of the population, so your halls will be smaller. Here are some North Campus highlights from some communities:

  •  Olde Campus Upper Quad – Old East is part of this community. It is the oldest residence hall, where the first residents of UNC lived. It looks out on McCorkle Place and the Old Well. It is the most desired residence hall on campus, and upperclass students often request to stay there a second year.
  •  Olde Campus Lower Quad – Olde Dirty Bash has become a tradition for OCLQ. It is a giant, end-of-the-year celebration that takes place a few days before exams start in the spring semester. Giant inflatables, free food, and music fill the quad between the five residence halls before the stress of exams set in.
  •  Connor – Not only is Connor home to the Substance-Free Living Learning Community, it is also home to Connorstock, a student music festival that takes place in the spring. Some of UNC’s greatest student musicians have played at Connorstock.

South Campus

To live on South Campus means living in big communities, living with a lot of first-years and sophomores, and living the “suite” life. South Campus residence halls are either four-room suites or two-room suites. At most, you will share a bathroom with 7 others. Within the suite-style buildings, there are lounges for the residents to come together and meet those who aren’t in their suite. Each suite is a singe gender, while the halls on which the suites are located are co-ed.

South Campus living will get you closer to UNC’s biggest sporting events than any other location. The Dean Dome and Kenan Stadium are both situated on South Campus. There are 8 buildings on South Campus, so if you like living with lots of people, then the south is right for you! Here are some South Campus highlights:

  •  Manning East and West – These two communities are home to the 4 newest residence halls on campus. They have two-room suites with a bathroom connecting the two of them. The Manning Communities are known for their annual block party, which gets residents excited for the year in the fall semester.
  •  Morrison–If green living is what interests you, then Morrison is the place to be. Morrison was recently renovated and giant solar panels now act as an energy source for the hot water in the building. In the lobby, there is a touch-screen that tracks the energy use of each floor.

    photo of Morrison basketball court
    Morrison residents spell out "MOTOWN!" on the b-ball court
  •  Ehringhaus – “Whose haus? E-HAUS!” Ehringhaus overlooks the Bosh (UNC’s baseball stadium) and lets residence watch each game from the 6th floor balcony. For some reason, most of the “we met our first year and have been best friends since” stories have come from Ehringhaus. Ehringhaus is one of the most spirited communities on campus.

Middle Campus

To live on Middle Campus means that you either live in Parker Community or Carmichael Community. It is the smallest region on campus, but it is the connector that brings in elements from North and South into one. Both communities are located on Stadium Drive, and are sandwiched between both dining halls (you will never be far from food, even on the weekend). Due to being very close to a lot of athletic facilities, Middle Campus residence halls find themselves home to many athletes. You might not know it, but you might end up living with a National Champion.

photo of Carmichael staff
Carmichael RA Staff with their Community Director
  • Parker – One of the biggest draws about Parker community is the size of their rooms. For double rooms, they are indeed the biggest rooms on campus (yes, now you have the answer). Also, Parker Community puts on two very popular campus events during the year: a haunted house that is also a canned food drive in the fall, as well as Jackson Pollock Day in the spring where residents come and splatter paint all over themselves and their canvases.
  •  Carmichael – Carmichael’s interior is unique to all buildings on campus. It combines hall and suite style, meaning that there is an interior hallway (with a lounge built into the hall) with suites coming off the hall. Carmichael’s front yard is home to tailgaters galore in the fall during football seasons, while the back yard is the Kessing Outdoor swimming pool.


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