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The Perfect Trifecta: Carolina Football, Local Restaurants and Awesome Prizes



Imagine it’s Saturday and you’ve just finished all your homework in time for the big football game. All your friends are going. You’re excited to go cheer on the Tar Heels with them… but you’re also starving.

Naturally, you want to treat yo’self to a nice meal after putting in ~werk~ at the lib, but your friends want to get to the game early to get Carolina Housing Claim the Game points, duh. So, as any good friend would do, you suck it up, put on your Carolina blue dress, stick a cute little Tar Heel on your cheek and go to the game.

Just as you’re starting to feel faint from hunger, you smell the most delicious fumes wafting down the bleachers from concessions. You follow the smell and discover a wonderful surprise: UNC’s newest concessions options!

That’s right, gone are the days when nachos, popcorn and hot dogs were the only game day food to choose from. This season, UNC is introducing even more flavor to Kenan Stadium — as if you needed another reason to go cheer on your favorite Tar Heels in your favorite place!

Local restaurants Al’s Burger Shack and Merritt’s Store and Grill have opened up shop in Kenan to serve up some OG Chapel Hill goodness to you and your friends.

You want to munch on a Bobo Chili Cheese Burger as you watch UNC kicker Nick Weiler hit yet another amazing, game-winning field goal? You got it. You want to belt out “Sweet Caroline” with a Merritt’s BLT in one hand and UNC foam finger on the other? I do too tbh.

You no longer have to make the trek from HOJO to Franklin Street to get your foodie fix; all you have to do is attend a UNC football game. And, on top of it all, when you swipe into the game with your Onecard, your residence hall is automatically given “Claim the Game” points that could win your community a sweet prize at the end of the season.

If you don’t like burgers, sandwiches, or prizes, that’s okay (I guess?) — not everyone at Carolina has the same taste. But there is one thing I am confident we can all relate to: the overwhelming sense of pride that consumes us when we become a drop in the sea of Carolina blue at a sporting event. The feeling of unity we get while singing “Hark the Sound” at the of a game, win or lose, that reminds us why we are all here.

The food and the prizes are great, sure. But I promise, the memories will last forever.

Crying the Carolina Way

An incomplete list of the times Carolina brings on the waterworks

UNC has made us all cry at some point. And if it hasn’t made you yet, it will. Be it tears of joy, pain, laughter, anxiety, awe, or anything in between, we have all let a tear or two (or hundred) fall for Carolina.

While it’s true I’m a sensitive soul who cries at least once a day for any number of silly reasons, I don’t think you have to have the same emotional muddle of a mind I do in order to experience the many overwhelming feelings that come with being a Tar Heel. There are just some things that resonate deep within all our Carolina souls and hit us straight in the Tar Feels—and we can’t help but cry.

  1. Moving out of your residence hall at the end of the year
    Especially your first year residence hall. Saying goodbye to it is the worst part of the month of May (besides exams and having to actually leave Chapel Hill for a bit). This place was your humble abode for almost nine months. It was home base during one of the most formative years of your almost-adult life. You have lots of #tbt moments here, and it was here you met some of your best friends, had a mental breakdown, pulled all-nighters, and ate lots of pizza. Seeing the walls stripped bare, the lights torn down, and any evidence of your time here wiped away can really tug at your heartstrings.
  2. Beating Dook
    Okay, so we all know every day is a GDTBATH. But when we beat Dook, it is the best day to be a Tar Heel. There are few greater feelings than crushing our enemy, sprinting to Franklin with straight adrenaline pumping through your veins, and joining thousands in a celebration unlike any other. The electrifying atmosphere that charges the night’s festivities lasts on campus for several days afterwards. Cries of “TAAAAR” are enthusiastically answered with “HEEEEELS” throughout the night, from Top of the Hill all the way down to the South campus residence halls. Cheers and chants last until morning. You’re crying tears of pure joy over a basketball game, but y’all, this is not just any game, so it’s fine.
  3. Seeing a sea of Carolina Blue everywhere you goimg_3548It really is the best school color. There’s just no denying it. It’s universally flattering and reflects nature itself. And it’s even more beautiful in mass quantities. A truly breathtaking sight that causes my eyes to water more than it should, really.
  4. Singing “Hark the Sound”
    In celebration after winning a big game. In mourning after a devastating loss. After the streakers finish their library lap. After the Bell Tower lighting. Even just with some close friends on a walk back to the dorm after a night out. Any chance you get to belt out our alma mater while arm-in-arm with a group of fellow Tar Heels is enough to warm your heart and bring a tear to your eye.
  5. Losing to Dook (or to Villanova… in the last second… by one shot…)
    With the highs of sweet victory also come the devastating blows of defeat. Some of the most intense heartbreak is felt when you’re screaming at the top of your lungs for two hours and mentally preparing for the mad dash, but instead the buzzer sounds and a solemn silence spreads over Chapel Hill in an instant. No matter where you’re watching, everyone around you stands absolutely still. The players fall to the court in agony. You trudge back to your room and drown your sorrows in ice cream. Again, you’re definitely crying over a basketball game, but at least everyone else is, too (including your professors who cancel class the next day).
  6. Suddenly remembering you go to THE University of North Carolina
    Something as simple as walking through the Pit, putting on some Carolina Blue, or hearing the Bell Tower toll. Something as iconic as rushing Franklin after beating that school eight miles down the road, spelling “CAROLINA” with your arms in the student section, seeing how beautiful our campus is in bloom, or taking a sip from the Old Well. Something as exciting as making Dean’s List or getting that text from your friends who saw you in the crowd on ESPN, or even something as boring as writing that six-page paper about… Well, who knows what it’s about, honestly. All the little things that hit you hard out of nowhere and remind you of how amazing it is that you get to call this incredible place home. Wow… *sniff sniff*

Okay, so maybe these things don’t make you sob like me, but you can’t deny they at least give you chills. They’re just a very small sample of the things that “bind us to this place” and will bring back the mems when we’re older. So if you don’t already cry about them now, perhaps you will then.


Hanging Your Hammock 101

A guide to the best eno spots on campus

Imagine this, it’s another perfect fall day on our idyllic campus. Students are strolling to class, falling leaves blend into the brick pathways, dogs are frolicking on the quad, you can’t walk two steps without seeing that gray North Carolina sweater, and an alpine coffee isn’t the same temperature as the air.  Everyone is back-sweat and worry free. And then you, being an intelligent and fun-loving person, decide the best way to celebrate this is to hang your hammock on campus. You congratulate yourself for going to class, grab your eno, and head to the nearest tree. As you approach, you realize with dread that everyone else had the same exact idea as you. Now what are you going to do?!

Never fear, UNC Housing is here! We have compiled a list of the best spots to eno on campus so that you’re sure to find a place.


  • Arboretum. Located at the corner of Cameron Avenue and Raleigh Road, the Arboretum is by far the prettiest place to eno on campus. Plenty of strong trees to hang your hammock, and lots flora and fauna to admire as you attempt to study.
  • Ehringhaus Lawn. A great location for all you South Campus hammockers, in the trees around Ehringhaus there are always a bunch of smart students hanging out in hammocks taking in a beautiful Chapel Hill day.
  • Polk Place (Upper Quad). A classic campus spot, it doesn’t get more #college than this.
  • Battle Park. A bit farther than the other spots, but the seclusion you can get at Battle Park if you’re willing to head down Franklin street is definitely worth it.
  • Outdoor Education Center. If you walk down Country Club Road you will come to the Outdoor Education Center, aka one of the coolest campus resources. There are a ton of trees so you’ll never be caught without somewhere to set up your eno, and chances are you’ll find a cool event going on too.
  • Trees by Stone Center. The trees can be a little dense here, but there are a couple great spots right in front of the Stone Center if you’re facing it from South Road. The lights from the porch of the Stone Center make it a great nighttime eno spot.

this image does not belong to Carolina Housing.

After The First Week

You did it! You survived your first week of college. Maybe you’ve already met the group of people that you’ll be best friends with for the next four years. Maybe you signed up for a ton of clubs you’re super interested in. Maybe you love all your classes and maybe your professors are super cool and understanding.

Or maybe not.

If all of these things happened to you, then that’s awesome! But chances are they didn’t. And that’s okay too.

With the prominence of social media on campus it may seem like everyone is already having the time of their life, while you’re just stressed, homesick, and lonely. While some of the lucky ones may actually be having the time of their lives, way more people than you realize feel exactly like you. I remember my first week of college I was constantly going back and forth between being ecstatic and being sad. One second I’d be walking through the Pit overwhelmed with how much I loved my school and the next second I’d be calling my mom crying.

So to all the first-years out there so aren’t loving it yet… don’t worry, you will. You made it through your first week, and it only gets better. Soon you’ll meet your new best friends. Soon that cute boy in your Bio 101 class will sit next to you. Soon you’ll find a club you’re passionate about and be able to get super involved. Soon you’ll love UNC (almost) as much as I do.
Because even when you’re having a bad day, it’s ALWAYS a great day to be a Tarheel.


Dear Out of State Students,

Sup! Or as people here like to say.. Hey, how are y’all doing?

So you’ve decided to leave your home state and become a Tar Heel, huh? Whether you’ve crossed an ocean, the whole country, or simply a state border, congratulations! You’ve made it here now, and you’re part of the 18% that aren’t North Carolinian!

While that number may seem smaller than a dook heart (we’re talkin’ very small), it’s more than it seems and more than enough to make you feel at home. If you’re not from the South, one thing you’ll quickly learn about it is its spirit of welcome, manners, and warmth. As you grow a new sense of home here, those features of the South are definitely your friends.

Before the fall, I hadn’t given going out of state any thought, hadn’t even considered the change of Southern culture. After all, I was coming from only two states away! No big deal, right? Well, gonna be honest here, not expecting things to be different resulted in culture shock hitting me like a biology textbook in the face.

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Caffeinating on Campus

How to get your buzz on in a dorm room.

Having worked as a barista in high school, coffee has been an essential morning routine for years. Knowing that my days were only going to get busier in college, I was worried about how I would get good coffee in school without breaking the bank. If you’re an addict like me, never fear, I have included all my secrets on how to stay caffeinated on campus without ruining the environment and blowing money on a Keurig.

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