Shortcuts Across Campus

Chapel Hill can be a bit overwhelming, especially the size of campus. We student interns here at the housing office thought it would extremely benefit first year students to tell them about all of the wonderful shortcuts we didn’t know our first year.

As incentive, knowing these shortcuts will make you seem super cool to your new college friend group. So lets get to it.

1: Cutting through Kenan Stadium

UNC is an open university, and that applies to Kenan stadium as well!

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 8.18.03 PM

During school hours, stadium gates should be open to the public. Although the grass is off limits, some students find this to be a faster way to class. It also gives you some pretty cool photo ops for your insta-tweets. The stadium closes at Midnight.

2: E-Haus Trails


Beside Ehringhaus dorm is E-Haus trail that leads to Rams market and the staircase to Rams Dining Hall. The trail wraps around E-Haus Fields, a large sporting area with soccer goals and perfect frisbee environment. The Baseball stadium entrance can be found by taking the fork around the backside of Avery Residence Hall.

3: Koman Way


Coming up from Rams Dining Hall is a brick hill beside Kenan Stadium. The path empties onto stadium drive and leads to the Bell Tower and South Road. There is an easier way to get to the eastern buildings on campus, such as Woolen and Fetzer Gyms which are locations for LFIT general education requirements.

4: Woolen Pool Pass

Coming down Koman Way, cut by the Outdoor Pool for a shortcut to Hooker Fields and Carmichael Arena. Take the series of ramps and steps around the pool and continue up the elevated driveway. You will reach Hooker Fields and the entrance to the stadium.

5: Craige Bridge & Horton Pass


Craige Bridge connect Craige to the main south campus intersection. Although the people of Craige will find it immediately, others on south campus should know of its whereabouts. Yes, that mysterious looking void of forrest on the corner of the intersection leads to Craige. I lived in HoJo and had no idea until halfway through second semester!IMG_7326

Speaking of Hojo and Craige, are you going to be traveling between the two often? Is that where your new best friend lives? Well there is good news for you! If exiting Craige from the front, to the right there are wooden stairs that leads down to Skipper Bowels Drive. Directly across the street is a path behind Horton that leads directly to Hojo.

6: Campus Health-Bell Tower Cut


Coming from North campus, Campus Health Services may be tad hard to find. Located behind Kenan Stadium, the route I would take to my appointment would be through the UNC Bell Tower. Cut straight thought the hedge garden to the back. Advance towards stairs to the right of the Kenan Stadium Entrance.  Keep hugging the stadium down towards Genome Quad and then up to another set of stairs. At the top, Campus Health will be on the right.

7: Morrison-Genome Path

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 8.17.30 PM

Waking up for a class at Genome Science Building? Coming back in the hot sun from West Campus? Take the Morrison Trail! The tree-surrounded brick path starts on the far side of the Morrison Community Parking Lot and stretches along Kenan Stadium to Genome Science. Continue on the bricks and pass a stadium entrance. Hug the stadium until you walk down the stairs onto Genome Quad.

 8: Arboretum Stroll to Franklin

East campus consists of places such as the Dramatic Art Center, Hooker Fields, and many north campus dorms. Included are the First Year North Campus dorms Stacy and Everett!


Franklin St is the place to go for things ranging from 4$ movies to Oreos at CVS. Instead of taking the long way around campus, pass thought the UNC Arboretum! Located at the intersection of Raleigh Street and Cameron Ave, if you take a diagonal though you will end up at the Morehead Planetarium. From there, keep heading diagonal to hit one of the most busiest parts of Chapel Hill.

9: Old Cemetery Straights

If your not afraid of scary movies, the UNC Cemetery is open to walk though! If you take classes in the Center for the Dramatic Arts or live in the Cobb community, this can be a great shortcut to get to South Rd and South Campus.


There is also a small road in-between Winston Residence Hall and the Cemetery that will cut through just the same.

 10: Dean Dome – Paul Hardin Pass


For a UNC home basketball game, don’t cross at the jam packed intersection! Go down Paul Hardin Rd. past Morrison, Craige North and Craige dorms to shave some time. Paul Hardin slopes downward to a set of stairs beside Rams Village Apartments. The stairs lead down to the Business School Parking Lot. Cross the lot to avoid pedestrian traffic that always clogs up the main route.

11: Carrboro Bike Trail

Harris Teeter is the closest retail-sized grocery store to campus. For those who love to walk , jog, or bike, a trail lies at the end of Cameron Ave that leads straight into Carrboro.


It also drops you off behind the Cats Cradle, the most popular music venue in Carrboro-Chapel Hill area.

12: Frat Court/Grandville Pass

East Franklin Street is always poppin’. If you go further down towards Carrboro, West Franklin has even more restaurants and shops to explore!


Instead of going to East Franklin and walking down the whole street, why not just b-line through Frat Court! There is a small path at the back corner of Frat Court that leads to Granville Towers. Continue straight through the towers, turning right into another Granville Parking Lot. on the backside of the lot are stairs that steps down to a neighborhood street. Head to the end of the street, turn right, and you should be next to Chipotle and Panera Bread!

Here is a map version with all of the shortcuts marked!

Shortcuts New

Quick Tips

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 8.16.36 PMScreen Shot 2016-06-22 at 8.15.33 PMScreen Shot 2016-06-22 at 8.17.30 PM

  • For those who find themselves in Fetzer Gym, the Student Recreation Center (SRC) is directly connected! With entrances on both floors, it’s a much easier way to get from building to building.
  • The student stores escalator is a quick way to cheat the stairs beside the Student Union, putting you right in the pit and in front of Lenior in no time.
  • There is an Elevator in Ram Parking Deck that will lead from E-Haus Fields to Ram’s Plaza with Ram’s Dinning Hall. Another way to see it, free heat in the winter.




Top Ten Things To Do For Your Roomie

How to be the best roommate ever.

Picture of me and my freshman and sophomore year roommate #twinning
Picture of me and my freshman and sophomore year roommate #twinning

Adjusting to college is hard, and it can be a lot harder if you don’t have a good relationship with your roommate. You two will be spending a lot of time together, so it can be good to surprise them and do them little favors. The smallest things can go a long way in making sure you stay friends throughout the whole year. Use some of these ideas to make your roomie’s day!

Take out their trash. If you’re already taking out yours, and you see theirs ready to go, just grab it! Taking out trash seems a lot more tiresome than it actually is so this will go a long way with minimal effort.

Bring them cookies from Lenoir. Cookies from Lenoir, aka the ambrosia of the gods. Snag a few soft M&M cookies and leave them on their desk for a sweet surprise.

Invite them to hangout with you and your friends. If you and your roomie ended up with different friends then inviting them to come along every once and awhile will give you the opportunity to have fun outside of the room.

Have a movie and takeout night together. Roomie date night is a fun way to spend a night in and give you time to bond over the newest episode of The Bachelorette, or a thriller if thats more your style. #TeamLuke

Ask them if they have any laundry. Just see if your roomie has a few shirts they want to throw in with your load, it can save them a lot of time, and they’ll probably return the favor later. #sharetheload

Vacuum their side too. If you’re already vacuuming it makes sense to just do their side too. In my opinion, it’s almost weirder if you don’t.

Surprise them with Yopo. Everyone loves Yopo, especially me, if you couldn’t tell from my other blog posts. So grab a kids cup of Oreo for a mere $1.77 and make their week.

Find out their favorite foods. If you want to leave them some treats when they’re having a bad day, find out their favorite candy and leave it on their desk! I found out my roomie loved M&Ms, and now we’re living together next year again. See how that works? P.S. If you’re reading this Kelly, I still love Reese’s.

Ask them about their day. After a hard day it’s nice to go home to someone who genuinely wants to hear about your day. So listen when they talk and soon you’ll find you look forward to getting the scoop at night.

Offer to help them study. If you’ve already taken the class, know the subject well, can read flashcards, or even just listen to them practice their presentation, then you can do this. And then one night when you’re cramming German vocabulary, you’ll find your roomie has your back too. #soulmates


5 Campus Support Resources Every Tar Heel Should Know

Hey Carolina Fam,

While we love being here for y’all by making goofs of ourselves, chatting it up when you stop at our table in during orientation, and organizing giveaways to stuff your cribs, we’re also well aware that things aren’t always sunshine and unicorn farts.

Life happens, and sometimes it can get a little tough. So as true family, just know that we are always ready and prepared to get you through whatever it is that you’re going through. Here are five (of the many, many, many) ways we’ve always got your back:

Continue reading 5 Campus Support Resources Every Tar Heel Should Know

Meet the Bloggers: Udara Fernando




My Hometown: Cary, NC

My Year: Junior

My Major: Journalism (Advertising Sequence) & Biology; Hispanic Studies Minor

My Previous Homes: Ehringhaus, Morrison & Ram Village

My Campus Involvement: Los Caballeros Mentoring Program, SUCCEED Inc., Crash Campaign

My Email:



What’s the coolest thing about housing?

As cheesy as it may sound: the sense of community that comes with it. There’s nothing like splitting a suite with 7 of your fellow Heels and becoming a #SuiteSquad that drags each other out of the dorm for 8AMs on the weekdays and drags each other back to the dorm at 2AM on the weekends. That’s family right there.

Do you have an insider tip for living on-campus?

Go beyond whatever floor you live on and do it early. If you live on the second floor, don’t just stay on the second floor. Go say what’s up to another floor early on, when everybody’s still getting to know each other. Don’t deprive yourself of meeting cool people you live with just because they’re a couple sets of stairs away.

What about a tip for freshmen in general?

It’s pronounced “Dye” Hall (or maybe “Die,” depending on your experiences in there). You’ll get what I’m talking about soon. Hopefully.

What’s your overall favorite memory at Carolina so far?

Probably rushing Franklin St. after that solid victory at that school with the ugly blue. I promised myself I’d walk it (your boy did not stick to his gym regimen and as a result, my body was not prepared for it tbh), but I got caught up in all the excitement and ran like it was the 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine…

Did you actually make it to Franklin St. at that pace?

Next question, please.

What’s one thing on your UNC bucket list?

I want to try my hand at stand-up comedy at the DSI Comedy Theater on Franklin St. before I go.

What’s the most important thing college has taught you up to this point?

To be flexible. To know that your interests might change. To know that your years here might not go according to that four-year plan you scribbled out in the back of APUSH in high school. And ultimately, to know that no matter what it is that you decide to pursue, there’s always someone here you can talk to about studying it and organizations you can join that focus on exploring it.

Fun Facts

  •  During a brief, heavily Lil Wayne-influenced period of my life, I went by the stage name “udeezy” because I thought I had a shot at the rap game…there’s a mixtape still in the works
  •  People always ask me what I want to do with my life, but I don’t even know what I’m doing for dinner tonight
  •  I turned down a full scholarship from Coach K because he refused to acknowledge Duke as Dook

You’ll be hearing from me ALL SUMMER SIXTEEN (bloggin’ clean, not dirty tho…sorry @Drake),


Meet the Bloggers: Clara Wong

13235586_1085607684832653_4939146883967631036_oSup. If you’re looking for Clara Wong, you found me! If you’re not, well, you found me anyway.

Tell us about yourself!

I hail from Clarksburg, MD (reppin’ the DMV!) (that is not the Department of Motor Vehicles, thank you for asking) and am a rising Sophomore double-majoring in Journalism (Advertising) and Pre-Business.


Where did you live your first year? What did you like about it?

As a first-year, I made my humble abode in Craige Residence Hall. The perks were definitely not having to clean the bathroom and the proximity to the business school (great for first-years with classes or clubs there!). Having the social adeptness of a wild mushroom, I was initially hesitant about living suite-style in one of the most populated first-year dorms, but the social atmosphere turned out to be perfect for nudging me towards meeting other Tar Heels.


What have you been up to on campus and what else do you wish you had done?

I’m a part of Summit College, Chinese Language Community, and Build the Hill. Whatever you’re passionate or just curious about, there’s going to be a club for it at Carolina. For me, these activities reflect my enthusiasm for East Asian culture, my faith, and economic empowerment for the disadvantaged. While I’m a strong believer in a life philosophy of #noragrets, I wish I had spent more time participating in rallies or marches, attempting to be artsy, or just sleeping on the quad.


What is on your UNC bucket list?

Before I graduate, my heart says “try every restaurant on Franklin street” or “study abroad”, but my wallet suggests “play Squirtle in the Bynum Circle fountain” or “order a 20 oz. Tough Guy Chai” instead.


Random Cliches!

Favorite ways to destress: Museum hopping, blowing bubbles, indulging in me3baked goods

Deserted Island Item: Egg (Might as well die happy and well-fed)

Favorite artists: Oh Wonder, the xx, Twenty One Pilots


Entertain my virtual mailbox at and be my friend!


See you around the blog,

Clara Wong

Meet the Bloggers: Jess Schmitz


Jess Schmitz

Hometown: Cary, NC

Year: Sophomore

Major: Pre-Business

Where I’ve Lived on Campus: Ehringhaus, Rams Village 5

Campus Involvement: Women’s Rowing, Carolina Marketing Club, Richard A. Baddour Leadership Academy



Where did you live your first year? What did you like about it? I lived in Ehringhaus my freshman year. It was a great choice because I got to live in South Campus and experience freshman year that way, but I was not too far from classes or the dining hall. The “E-haus Path” is so convenient for getting to mid and north campus, I never even took the bus! I also met so many awesome people and the suite style dorms are a great alternative to hall style. Plus having your bathroom cleaned every day is pretty sweet.

Tell us about your activities on campus. What else did you wish you had done? I am a member of the women’s rowing team which takes up the majority of my time; however, I am also involved in several other cool things on campus. I am involved in Carolina Marketing Club which has so many great opportunities. For example, I got together with some other members to compete in a Case Competition for Top of The Hill, and we actually won second place! I am also a member of the Richard A. Baddour Leadership academy and will be involved in the ‘Rising Stars’ program this year as well as being a CREED mentor. One thing I wish I had done is get involved with more volunteer organizations on campus. There are so many cool ones like Dance Marathon and Relay for Life.

What is on your UNC bucket list? There are so many things I want to do in the next three years… most of them involving new restaurants I want to try. One thing I really want to do before I graduate is be in the risers for a Dook game. Our rivalry with Dook is legendary and nothing beats stomping them at home, especially if you’re standing only 20 feet away. I also really want to spend a day picnicking and studying on the quad with friends. It’s such a beautiful place and I want to spend more time there while I can.

Thanks for reading, see y’all soon!

Jess Schmitz

Meet The Bloggers: Luke Gaines

Hi, my name is Luke Gaines and I am Carolina Housing’s summer’s video production intern! You’ll be seeing a lot of videos about tips and tricks for things relating to living on campus this summer. If you have any comments or questions you would like answered, feel free to give me a shoutout on our Twitter, Instagram, or through an E-mail!

Hometown: Asheville, NC
Year: Junior
Major: Communications (Media Production)
Where I’ve Lived On Campus: Hinton James, Morrison
Campus Involvement: Executive Producer for Carolina Film Association
Let me start off by saying that living on campus is a crucial part of the illusive Carolina Experience. My experience living on campus can be summed up in a single word, and that word is family. UNC is a big school, and it keeps on getting larger with each new class. It can be intimidating moving to a place full of strangers, and for some it can be overwhelming. However, I am 100% certain that living on campus is the easiest way to become immersed in everything Carolina has to offer.  Living in the dorms puts you in close proximity to friends, class, dinning halls, libraries, you name it! I can attest to the fact that residential housing made me love this campus and all the people that are a part of it.
On the day my random roommate and I chose our freshman year dorm, I did not know anything about campus. My online efforts rendered maps of a place I had never seen before and pictures of dorms that all looked the same. Similar to the process of throwing a dart blindfolded, we randomly picked Hinton James, the largest dorm on campus. Although I thought I would have perfered a small dorm at the time, it turned out to be one of the best happy-accident moments of my life. It was in Hinton James (natively referred to as HoJo) that I developed lasting friendships in a suite on the 8th floor. It was there that I learned how to serve a volleyball, where I had my first cram mesh for a final, and my first time setting fire to a microwave.
My point being, college is full of ups and downs, of successes and failures. The best way to power through these next 4 years is with others. I would not be where I am today without the support of my friends from on-campus housing, and I can assure you that you will meet someone in your dorm that years from now you can’t imagine living without.
Your blogger,
Luke Gaines

The official student blog about life in campus housing at UNC Chapel Hill